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  • Let's try not to forget Jeff, shall we?

    Jeff is a very talented man, yet he is very underrated.
    I only found out about him a few days ago on YouTube.
    Guy doesn't get enough credit.
    I don't know why, but sometimes he reminds me of Will Ferrel.
    He has that 'touch'.
    I honestly have watched The Green Screen Show and Whose Line for hours, endless entertainment!
    I honestly don't understand why he's not in huge movies.
    What bugs me most though, are fangirls.
    I look at the comments on the videos from YouTube, and GOD, these kids are crazy.
    The classic:
    Jeff Davis is so hot!!!
    The idiotic:
    OMG hes so hot! and hes hilarious. the perfect man...*dreams* lol
    0:26 I about fell out of my chair. hot hot hot hot! And the song is perfect!
    People have no respect for talent anymore.
    No, not at all.
    Happens with every at least slightly good looking celebrity.
    I mean yeah,
    I personally think he's VERY good looking, but I don't go spazzing all about it.
    Yes, this was pretty pointless.
  • Hilarious and original.

    You can catch most of Jeff's work on Whose Line Is It Anyway, or Drew Carey's Green Screen Show. I've seen almost every episode of both shows and I must say, one person who really stands out is Jeff. His jokes are unique, and HILARIOUS, and he does a crazy good Christopher Walken impression. It's a shame he doesn't have very many credits, he's a very funny guy. And...not too bad to look at either =] (he dresses well too!) Apparently he has a new movie coming out, so maybe it'll be his time to shine. Hopefully, there'll be more shows/movies following.
  • This is wat I like about Jeff Davis.

    I think that Jeff is one of the only featured guests who don\'t look annoying. Don\'t yell at me, it\'s an opinion, but if you agree give me a shout back. Chip looks like a chipmunk (haha)! Again, don\'t yell at me, it\'s my opinion, but if you agree please give me a shout back! It seems like Jeff doesn\'t come on the show as often as Chip or Brad. Maybe they should let him on the show more often. He\'s funny (well hey they all are) and he reminds me of a sun-shiny version of Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day\'s lead singer). Anyways, could anyone send me some pics of Jeff or post them or something? That would be kool. It\'s like there are no pictures of him and he\'s been on the show since season 3! I\'m new to the site so if this review sucks let me know! Jeff is awesome!! Yeah! So hot!
  • Very funny man!

    He wasn't used enough on Whose line is it anyways, he has raw talent and energy, not to mention an amazing singing voice! I got to see him live recently and he was great, he does an amazing impression of Chris Walken, dead on. And a really nice guy too, got to meet him. Very down to earth and sweet (and hottie too!!)