Jeff Corwin

Jeff Corwin


7/11/1967, Norwell, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Jeffrey Samuel Corwin


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Jeff Corwin is one of the most prestigious biologists and herpetologists in the world. He loved the animals since he was a children and he still does. Jeff can be very professional when it's needed, but in his programs (especially those targeted to the older audiences) he always…more


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  • He is awesome!

    Jeff Corwin is so awesome!!!! I personally like him better than I did the Crocodile Hunter. He is so brave (even though he's afraid of mosquitos!). Jeff Corwin is really funny to. Sometimes I crack up watching him on The Jeff Corwin Experience. I like when he pretends that an animal is attacking him. It looks so real! And then he stands up and says "Only joking." I just recently started watching his show and I love it!! I am addicted to it! He seems like he really loves what he does. And hopefully he won't end like the Croc Hunter!moreless
  • "look... that monkey pissed on me again"

    I love Jeff!

    He and Steve Irwin (rest in peace) are my all time favorites!

    Jeff is just SO funny, he makes it interesting to look at a pile of poop... o_O

    One of the things i like so much is his connection with the animals, he does everything, even with those he's scared off...

    Another thing... his humour... he is SO funny!

    It's a miracle where he sees film bits in! He could see an ant fight with another ant, and it will remind him of The Gladiator quoting the most unexpected bits... hahaha ;D

    The jokes make the show... he loves to shock people... stick his arm in a snakes hall and pretend to be dragged in or to be bitten... one day it will be for real and nobody will believe him... Jeff Corwin is a kid in a man's world... i love it!moreless