Jeff Douglas

Jeff Douglas


6/8/1971, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth Name

Jeffrey Douglas



Also Known As

Jeff Douglas, Jeffrey Douglas, Jeffrey Douglas (II)
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  • I too want to see more of him on T.V./Movies!

    want to see him in more shows/series/movies!

    Jeff Douglas is one of the cutest/most handsome guy I have seen on T.V. His face shape, gorgeous eyes, hot body, and personality is to die for! I have first seen him in the Blake Holsey High T.V. series and instantly fell in love with him.

    I've also seen the other shows he's been in and I must say, he really is a good actor! I almost didn't recognize him with that green hair of his in another series. I'm really sad there's not much of him I've seen on T.V. I really hope he gets a lot more roles on T.V./Movies. Please, I beg of you directors out there, I want more of him!!!moreless
  • It's to bad jeff dos'nt get a lot of roles, he's a real sweethart. and all the stuff I hear about him is good. he's allso very talented, and a good actor, from Cubby to Prof.Z, he can act. and he's realy cute. You just have to love him!moreless

    I think he's a better actor than most, and I like stars who arn't in the news all the time becouse they just did somthing stuped. He's a down to earth sweety, and I hope with his new show on History Television "Things That Move", is a hit, he diservs it.