Jeff Fatt

Jeff Fatt


7/21/1953, Casino Northern, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Jeffrey Wayne Fatt



Also Known As

Jeffrey Fatt
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Jeff plays the role of the purple Wiggle in the Wiggles, and his gimmick there is that he's always falling asleep. Jeff's family ran a department store in Casino called the Kwong Sing Emporium. After getting his Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design, Jeff moved to Sydney to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jeff is the featured singer on bonus song clips from the Baby Antonio's Circus DVD: "At Baby Antonio's Circus" and "Hula, Hula Baby".

    • Jeff provides the voice of Henry the Octopus. In the documentary "The Wiggles Take on the World", Jeff is in studio where he records Henry's greeting. He, however, is not listed as the voice credit for the early TV series and videos. After Paul Paddick took over the voice role, Jeff's credit is shown on some of the compilation videos and albums.

    • Jeff plays piano in the Field Brothers music video "On A Very Extraordinary Monday Morning".

    • According to Jeff's mom, Jeff had worked two years in the family business, but gave that up and played in bands.

    • Jeff's mom, Norma, grew up in Hong Kong, and moved back to Australia when she was 17. Jeff was born at Casino Memorial Hospital.

    • According to an interview with Joel D. Amos of SheKnows in March 2010, Jeff's funniest/sweetest moment from a young fan was when he was the only Wiggle mentioned by name in the original 1993 Wiggle Time video, and a fan called the other Wiggles Red Jeff, Yellow Jeff, and Blue Jeff.

    • Jeff can be seen as one of the Wiggly dancers in their franchised Taiwanese Wiggles videos including "Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles" and "Dorothy, would you like to dance with me?"

    • In an interview with Joel Amos in SheKnows magazine, Jeff mentioned his favorite TV shows when he was in pre school were Sooty and The Mickey Mouse Club.

    • Among all The Wiggles, Jeff is the only one who is single and without kids.

    • On January 29, 2005, Jeff Fatt joined brothers Paul, John, and Anthony Field in a one-time reunion of their old band, The Cockroaches, at a benefit concert called Hills for Hope. The concert was held at Castle Hill in Sydney, and raised money for The Red Cross and Care Australia as part of the Tsunami Relief effort.

    • The Wiggles devised Jeff's gimmick of always falling asleep and having to be woken up as a way for Jeff to interact with the kids since he didn't have a degree or the experience as an Early Childhood educator like the other Wiggles. One of the earliest broadcasts of this gimmick was on a Play School episode in 1992.

    • Jeff mentioned in the Live! Hot Potatoes concert that his favorite instrument is the drums. While he usually plays the keyboard or accordion, Jeff has played the drums on occasion in concert.

    • When he's not touring with The Wiggles, Jeff resides in Sydney in a beachside community.

    • Jeff's favorite musician is Ray Charles.

      In a Comcast interview, when asked about what kind of music he listens to, Jeff mentioned he likes 50s and 60s music.

    • Jeff is an avid surfer and also enjoys skiing.

    • Jeff is the fourth oldest of five. His older siblings are Meiling, Meiguin, and Hilton, and his younger sister is Kristine.

    • Jeff has a brother, Hilton Fatt, who helped produce The Wiggles Movie which was released in 1997.

    • Jeff's height is 5 feet 10 inches.

  • Quotes

    • (Jeff was renovating his home in 1991 when he gets a phone call from Anthony Field, who invites Jeff to help with some keyboard parts on a new album project called The Wiggles.)
      Jeff: Sure, but how long will it take?
      Anthony: Aw, just come down and when you're finished, you're finished.

    • Jeff (the famous fan he's been most excited to meet): Not only did we get to meet Shaquille O'Neal a couple of times, but he got up on stage to sing Hot Potato! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were really lovely people. Greg loved meeting Chris Rock, who has come to a lot of our shows.

  • move over Jackie Chan, there's a new star from the East.

    Usually when I think of Asian male stars in TV and Movies, I think about Jackie Chan or Jet Li, or someone who has had a brilliant career in the martial arts action films, or an up and coming John Cho who specializes in teen and young people comedy. But it comes to no surprise that Jeff is not any of those and is in fact, a surf-loving dude from Australia who entertains little kids and their parents as part of The Wiggles and the original voice of one of their mascot characters. His singing's kind of scary, but good thing is he isn't the lead singer, but he makes up for it with his keyboard and dancing talent. During concerts, he regularly runs out to the audience to greet people and shake a few hands. Although he might be the oldest of the Wiggles and have a silly ongoing gimmick of falling asleep, he brings out as much energy as Anthony and Paul (Captain Feathersword). So not all guys have to be influenced by their parents to be doctors or engineers after all, maybe learn to play some piano though, and you've got your role model for the entertainment industry.moreless