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  • move over Jackie Chan, there's a new star from the East.

    Usually when I think of Asian male stars in TV and Movies, I think about Jackie Chan or Jet Li, or someone who has had a brilliant career in the martial arts action films, or an up and coming John Cho who specializes in teen and young people comedy. But it comes to no surprise that Jeff is not any of those and is in fact, a surf-loving dude from Australia who entertains little kids and their parents as part of The Wiggles and the original voice of one of their mascot characters. His singing's kind of scary, but good thing is he isn't the lead singer, but he makes up for it with his keyboard and dancing talent. During concerts, he regularly runs out to the audience to greet people and shake a few hands. Although he might be the oldest of the Wiggles and have a silly ongoing gimmick of falling asleep, he brings out as much energy as Anthony and Paul (Captain Feathersword). So not all guys have to be influenced by their parents to be doctors or engineers after all, maybe learn to play some piano though, and you've got your role model for the entertainment industry.