Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon


8/4/1971, Vallejo, California (USA)

Birth Name

Jeffrey Michael Gordon



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Car: Number 24 Chevrolet Team: Hendrick Motorsports Sponsor: Dupont Automotive Finishes Birthdate: August 4, 1971 Rookie Season: Started one race in 1992. 1993 was his official rookie season. Won a 125-mile qualifier for Daytona but no points races. He did win the Rookie Of The Year honors for…more


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    • Jeff Gordon: I want to race as long as I'm having fun, it's competitive and healthy, and who knows when that, you know, date comes when that's not happening anymore.

    • Jeff Gordon (On what he would be doing if he weren't racing): Be in a lot of trouble. You know, I guess because I've dedicated my life to racing, that I really don't know much else. I mean, I possibly would have gone to college when I graduated from high school if racing hadn't worked out, but I mean, I've gotten so many interests now. I mean, I'm involved with the business of racing now, and part owner in a race team and so now my interests, if I wasn't driving, you know, I have a lot of opportunities because of racing, but had I not raced after high school I probably would have just furthered my education and gotten involved with the business my parents were in.

    • Jeff Gordon: I think fear is what keeps us from going over the edge. I mean, as a race car driver, I don't think what makes a good race car driver is a fearless person. I think it's somebody that is comfortable being behind the wheel of something that's somewhat out of control. And we get, you know, paid to put it on the edge at all times and try to make our car go faster than everybody else out there. And I think if you don't have fear, you'll never know where that edge really is.

    • Jeff: I don't feel I'm a step above anyone on this team. I'm just another link in the chain.

    • Jeff: So much of my life is spent just focused on driving race cars.

  • An imature buttt hole.

    Don't like him at all. He sucks at everything he does.
  • Without a doubt, Jeff Gordon is one of the best drivers to get behind the wheel of a NASCAR Nextel Cup racecar.

    Ever since he made his very first Cup start, he's pretty much been unbelievable. A lot of drivers enter the Cup series hoping to even have a quarter of the success Gordon has had. He had won over 50 races and four championships by the time he was 30 years old.

    Right now he is currently on his "Drive for Five", and I hope that he pulls it off. He's got the best chance of anyone to do that, so I hope it works out for him.

    I've always respected his ability behind the wheel of a racecar. I haven't agreed with everything that he's done or the way he's reacted to certain situations, but you can't help but respect his driving ability.moreless