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  • Jeff hardy is not only a great wrestler but also a phenonomal role model!!!

    Jeff Hardy Simply put, Jeff Hardy is an artist. His world revolves around writing "emoetry," recording music ("alternative, alternative music," according to his brother Matt), and employing tinfoil and paint to craft intimate, personal, and sometimes bizarre works of art. His house is decorated with toys, artificial plants and life-size Japanese fiberglass sculptures. One of his most cherished creations-a thirty-foot "Aluminummy" statue called Neroameee, from Nero, his middle name-stands tall outside his studio. Still, this artist has always been drawn to another, very different canvas-that of the squared circle. Growing up with Matt in the pinewoods of Cameron, North Carolina, 11-year-old Jeff-influenced by the likes of Ric Flair, the Fabulous Freebirds, and the Rockers-took a ramp he built for his bike and painted it to resemble an entrance stage for his "wrestling ring," the backyard trampoline. As he grew older, so did his desire to take greater risks, whether it was to feel the rush of executing hundred-foot-high triples on his motocross bike, or jumping off the roof of his house as a member of the brothers' "Teenage Wrestling Federation." It was such fearlessness and desire that would bring the 16-year-old daredevil to World Wrestling Entertainment, and after several years catapult him to worldwide fame and main-event status, first as one-half of WWE's high-flying "Team Extreme," The Hardys, then in singles competition. Though many of his paintings are abstract, this free spirit is a Rembrandt inside the ring, signing his name not with the traditional paintbrush or pen, but with wildly unorthodox, high-impact maneuvers off top ropes and 20-foot ladders. His credo is simple: to create, then surpass his creation. Unfortunately, most true artists must sink to their lowest point before attaining their greatest heights. For Jeff, the wear-and-tear of living life on the road would help prompt him to leave WWE in 2003. But after a three-year personal journey of refocusing his passion and energies, he now finds himself "in a positive place…and that's what motivates me." Since returning to WWE in August 2006, this reinspired risk-taker has gone back to creating the art he loves most-entertaining WWE fans in arenas around the world. And his most extreme masterpiece awaits.
  • Jeff Hardy, a phenomenal superstar, and deserves more gold.

    Many people see Jeff Hardy as a great, athletic star who has gone down the wrong path. He's been into drugs, and has been suspended twice for it. But, he still comes back to huge ovations and puts on amazing matches against some of the most equally talented stars. Whether or not people agree with me, I still see a bright future in Hardy's life. He's always going to be the "druggie" to some people, but I look past that and see a man who sacrifices his own body to entertain us. People seem to forget that, and just see what they wish. But I see a superstar that is mislabeled. With many title runs as Intercontinental Champion, to European Champion and having many Tag Title runs with his older brother, who is another talented yet under-utilized star, Matt Hardy, Jeff is one man who deserves a shot at the top.
  • he is the best

    Jeff Hardy started out with his brother Matt Hardy as a tag team.He and his brother won the terri invatational after he and his brother beat Edge & Christian in a ladder match. he and his brother were in the first ever triangle tag team ladder match with edge christian and the dudley boyz and the hardys lost to the dudley boyz.Then e&c attacked both the dudley boyz and the hardy boyz with chairs but the hardy boyz and the dudley boyz both got their revenge on the same night not the same night they were attacked the hardys attacked edge & christian with ladders the dudley boyz used the table and then gm mick foley camme out and he is going to put all 3 teams ina table ladder and chair match e&c won. jeff hardy has been in alot more ladder matches than his brother matt.Jeff is a high flying dare devil and matt is a person who helped jeff get his name as the high flying dare devil.but once jeff and matt were once rivales.
  • Jeff Hardy is the ultimate risktaker!

    Jeff hardy is definitely one of the most talented and entertaining superstars to walk into the wwe. He's proven himself as tag team wrestler and now he's starting to prove himself as a singles wrestler. It's too bad about the suspension though. I think he was set to win money in the bank, but of course got suspended. Otherwise, he is one of the top entertaining superstars along with edge, chris jericho, shawn michaels, triple h, and the undertaker. wwe is going to make him work his way up all over again but that's ok. I think the next step for him is the wwe championship or world heavyweight.
  • Amazing agility, resiliance and ability!! amazing charisma as well!! No one can keep this man down for long!

    Jeff Hardy is an american professional wrestler currently working on it's SmackDown! Brand. Jeff Hardy mad his debut in october 1998 along with his brother matt. Jeff hardy was born on August 31, 1977, 3 years after his brother matt.
    Jeff Hardy is known for his hardcore and high flying styles and his great ability at this attributes, he and his brother matt formed the hardy boyz and won 6 world tag team titles. Along with great tag team success, he is an amazing solo competiter as well. As a solo wrestler he won the hardcore, intercontinental, eroupean and light heavywieght championships. A great solo competitor and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time!!!!!
  • The Charismatic Enigma known as Jeff Hardy is the greatest high flyer in the wrestling history.

    The Charismatic Enigma known as Jeff Hardy is the greatest high flyer in the wrestling history. not only can he amaze you but he can wrestle he takes a lot of high risk nasty hits my favorite ones are when he got speared by EDGE while hanging from the championship belts, and when he jump of the triton onto Randy Orton. Jeff greatest single match is probably against the Undertaker in a ladder match some of Jeff nicknames are The Charismatic Enigma, the rainbow haired warrior the legend thriller. Some of Jeff sayings are You haven't broken me Taker, You haven't broken me, I'm still standing. (after a ladder match on Raw : It's your body, use it...amuse it...'cos one day, you're gonna lose it! : Expand your I-imagination. Jeff is a 4 time Intercontinental champion, a 6 time world tag team champion with brother Matt, a 3 time Hardcore champion, a European and Lightweight Champion. I was so glad when Jeff came back to the WWE. Now he needs to stay out of trouble and go on and win the WWE championship. and Matt win the World Heavyweight championship from Edge.
  • The greatest wwe wrestler in the whole world

    Jeff Hardy is the greatest wwe wrestler there is what else could i posibly say about him, alot. he is a great motor bike rider and loves art he is one of the best high flying wrestlers around and the good thing about him is he isnt mean even tho he looks like a reble and has a mad tatoo on his right arm and how could i forget his arm bands they are the coolest thing and his hair changes every single week it is so cool i wana grow up just like him.

    from Jeff Hardys biggest fan Brodie.
  • Jeff hardy is The most Talented Man Alive!

    Where do I even start? Jeff Hardy I think is the most Talented man Alive! Jeff can Act,Sing,Wrestle,and so much more! Jeff has been wrestling ever since he was a little boy with his older brother Matt. Jeff and Matt are known as the best Tag Team in the WWE history. Jeff has his own band Called Peroxywhy?gen they are wicked!!! He is also the most SEXY man alive! He also Starts on "The Hardy Show" along with brother Matt and friend Shannon Moore! I don't think there is anything that Jeff can't do he is the best Ever!! Jeff Biggest Fan Ever Angie
  • Jeff is one of the greatest risk takers in the WWE

    jeff is unstopable u cant stop him 6 time tag champ
    1 time european and light heavyweight champ
    3 time intercontinental and hardcore champ and hes about to tie with edge and christian at vengence night of champions when him and matt become 7 time tag champs
    Matt is a
    8 time tag champ
    1 time cruiser weight european and hardcore champ
    so that proves that the headys are team Xtreme

    THEY WILL NOT DIE(especialy Matt i mean thats his motto
    "I will not die")
  • Jeff is exciting in the ring.

    Jeff has always been a treat to watch in the WWF, and WWE. And even in TNA. Everywhere he has gone, has been fun to watch him in. I think he does better as a singles competitor, I don't like his brother, I think Matt holds him back from what Jeff could really become and thats WWE Champion.
  • Great!

    Jeff Hardy is one of my favorite WWE Superstars Iam so glad he came back to the WWE abd has had sucess since he returned I would really like to see Jeff and Matt become a Team again but I also like him as a singles wresler also I wish the WWE didn't make him lose his tittle to Umanga because he should have had it longer but maybe its good in a way so we can see what rivalarys he will get in with out the Intercontinental tittle hopefully he will become bigger then he is now I rate Jeff Hardy a 9.7
  • I think Jeff is one of the best superstars I've seen he should be wwe champion.He and his brother make a great tag team and should get back on the same roster. He has great diving moves and specials. He is a hardcore wrestler, superstar, and fighter.

    I think Jeff is one of the best superstars I've seen he should be wwe champion.He and his brother make a great tag team and should get back on the same roster. He has great diving moves and specials. He is a hardcore wrestler, superstar, and fighter.His best move, swanton bomb,is so cool and strong Jeff and Matt are two of my favorite all time wrestler tags He is high flying, great in ladder matches and hardcore, tlc matches.One of the best all time wrestler I have ever seen.A great high flying wrestler ,superstar ,tag team member,and intercontinental raw champion.
  • love him

    Jeff hardy is part of the Hardy Boys with his brother, Matt Hardy. His wrestling skills are amazing and if you want to be successful that is what you need. In that last ladder match when he faced Joey Mercury he jupe on to the ladder and boom Mercury had a bloody face. Then on RAW he and Matt faced Johnny Nitro with Sheldon Benjaim and his parter whose name I don't remember. The Hardy's were desparate but the persevered and perservred but the unfortunatly failed. But there will be other matches and he will have a good win and this will be continuous.
  • The Imaginitive Charismatic Enigma Himself, Jeff Hardy!

    What is there not to love about Jeff Hardy. The grace of his presence and his excellence is one thing that can never be duplicated or imagined. In the life that I live I love to think of myself as someone who is different then everybody else but he takes the cake. Not only is his in ring ability a creation in it\'s own, the way he lives his life and the way that he creates things from his imagination is something that everyone can look up to. His poetry is inspirational and his art work is absolutely amazing. Jeff\'s high flying style and his dare devil moves make him one of the most popular superstars in this industry. He and his brother Matt make one of the best tag teams in the history of the WWF and one day people will take notice to that. Aside from the tag team division, Jeff continues to be a great singles competitor and will go very far in this industry.
  • Jeff Hardy is a talented, charismatic individual. I would love to meet him one day. I look forward to seeing him in person.

    I am a big WWE fan. That is my Monday night ritual. I love John Cena, and DX. But, my favorite is Jeff Hardy. He is just so awesome. I would love to meet him one day. Jeff is so talented. These guys put their lives on the line every day. I have the utmost respect for all of them.
  • Wrestler!

    Jeff Hardy is one of my favorite wrestlers. I grew up watching him and Matt's antics. I love hius high flying, doesn't care about his body, risk-taking moves. They always keep me watching for more. His special, the Swantom Bomb, is so awsome!That is one way you are really risking your body if you miss. All in all i think Jeff Hardy should become the Wwe champion sometime in his career because he deserves to hold a belt with so much power like that instead of the Intercontinental belt. Jeff and Matt are two of my favorite all time wrestlers though.
  • jeff hardy high-flying wreslter

    what can i say bout jeff hardy.actually there's a million things to say bout jeff hardy.he is origal from his brother.he ain't bad looking either;).i glad he is back that make raw so much more fun to watch.he got ic title.ic title is where it belongs it's in the right stop.
  • Great wrestler and great person. One of my favorite people in the world. Y favorite wrestler. I love jeff hardy.

    Great person i can't believe he came back to RAW i'm defintely going to watch RAW every week. One of my favorite people i look him up every day to see if he'll come back and one day he did. I was so excited that he came back. jeff Hardy rocks he is so cool. I loved when he would team up ith matt hardy (his brother). The Hardyz Boyz kicked a**. I hope he wins the intercontiel championship. He really deserves it. I hated him on TNA they didn't play his role like they should of. He is a high flying physco. I've seen him do everything.
  • The Charasmatic Enigma...

    Whether you talk about Jeff Hardy as a wrestler, as a poet, as an artist or just as a person, it\'s really irrelevant to me...He\'s great when it comes to any of those things...

    Jeff Hardy was (and still is) an outstanding in ring performer, who always gave it his all, and always did his best to make a great match as exciting and as suspenseful as it was...

    And not only that, but he was sucessful, both singular and in the tag team division...Holding 6 time team reigns and more then 4 different singles championships...

    He had a great inspiration to the WWE fans at home, role modelling others by saying things like \"Live 4 the Moment\", \"Exist 2 Inspire\" and \"Fear is just a 4 letter word\" and really, just that it was okay to be different...

    I now follow by those saying, and live life the way Jeff Hardy does...

    And on top of that, Jeff Hardy has a unique, mind blowing style not only in the ring but also in his art and his poetry...Some of the greatest, most eccentric stuff I\'ve ever read/seen was by Jeff Hardy...In the ring, and on paper...
  • Underused and Mis-understood.

    Jeff Hardy is my all-time favorite. Very unique and original. His in-ring ablity and his fan base extends the globe. I dont care who you are but you had to atleast respect Jeff in some way. Weather it had been in his wrestling ablity,his character,his style to be different, following the beat to his own drummer. Jeff was a true inspiration to me.He taught me to be who I wanted to be.Do what I wanna do.Its my life and I should live it to the fullest because you only get one shot at it.Truely missed in WWE.Also an inspiring poet.
  • jeff hardy is the best

    jeff hardy by far is one of the best pro wreslers he has held evry wwe/f belt except the world championship not many pepole can say that as of right now i can only think of one other the british bulldog a sure hall of famer. he has been cheered through out his career and has i dont think he is on durgs he and his brother matt have said he has not and for the peeeps who say he has no talent he has more then you
  • jeff hardy should have stayed in the wwe.he was one of the best high flying give or take relentless superstars.he probably would be on top of the wwe literally. he went to the tna. no madder where he is he is still my number 1 favorite wrestler in history

    the swanton bomb is the best finisher in history i round up the gang around the neiborhood and we wretle on mats and on my trampoline i base my moves and skills of of watching jeff hardy and rey mysterio. i use my size (4 foot 8)and quickness to beat my friends we usually hold tournaments aroyund my house and i am currently 16 and 6 which is number 4 of 8 my frineds records are number 1 20 and 2 number 2 18 and 4 number 3 17 and 5 number 4 16 and 6 (me) 5 13 and 9 6 9 and 13 7 6 and 16 and 8 0 and 22 we usually draw names from a hat but we also have titles like heavyweight european tag home wrestling group title cruiserweight and stuff like that but i currently own the the cruiserweight title while number 1 owns 2 different titles!
  • Underused

    Well Jeff-Freaking-Hardy TNA's rockstar superstar (catchy ain't it) High flying, extream, and Just a cool guy.
    He is underused in TNA but still a valuble part in the roster WHen he Shows up, he has recently been absent from his Pre-show matches. Like I said before he is a rockstar so he only takes his Main Event matches seriously and shows up Minutes before a middle-of-the-show match and dosen't show At all in a pre-show.
    If he expects to keep his job he needs to bring the EGO down a tad.

    If you wanna know my views on things like this Check out the blogs in my profile.
  • WOW

    This guy is awesome. He is fearless, charming, creative and unique. I love his whole aura and his personality. He beats people up for a living but he has the most wonderful, sensative side to him. He writes poetry and songs and plays guitar, looks after all kinds of animals and is an artist. He is an inspiration and a pleasure to watch.
    He is totally himself and refuses to conform to other peoples ideas of what he should be.
  • Jeff Hardy

    I think this guy Jeff Hardy is really talented because he works for the best promotion in the world in my opinion Total Nonstop Action. I am glad he left that terrible promotion WWE because he fits in fine in TNA and I really like him because of him afilliated with TNA.
  • Hmmm...Jeff Hardy...Need I say more? Talent, Ambition, creativity, of his own, and WOW. He is on top of my list.

    Ever since Jeff Hardy came to WWE, I was wow\'d. Everything about him called to me. He was who he wanted to be...unique and a wonderful athelete. I would love to meet him someday....I was very disappointed when he left WWE...but I since then became disinterested with them. I now try to catch TNA whenever possible. I am wanting to catch the next PPV and his new DVD is on my wish list.
  • If I could describe Jeff Hardy in one word, it'd be fearless.

    Jeff Hardy was another wasted talent in the WWF/WWE. They could of done so much more with him. His extreme high flying moves and his daring to be different is what makes him stand out. I think he knew that he couldn't progress much further if he stayed in the WWE. He probably would never be WWE Champion because theres a 'cliche' of what the champion must be. He changed the way the WWE looked at Hardcore matches and brought that division to a completely different level with all his ladder, tables and chair matches. I think the WWE is a lesser place without him, and seemingly went downhill after both him and Matt Hardy (for the time being) left. Not many wrestlers today have his style, and nobody can take away all the amazing matches he had. It'd be nice if he came back though.
  • jeff jeff jeff, jeff is one of my most fav on TNA. TNA rocks but i wish...................

    I wish jeff was in smackdown or in raw it would rock more but i am happy i get to see jeff at all.But TNA still rocks.I hope he is in wrestling for more time i would and the fans would apreciate or how ever u spell it more. well like andy milinakis said it asta la bye bye................