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  • Jeff Hardy, a phenomenal superstar, and deserves more gold.

    Many people see Jeff Hardy as a great, athletic star who has gone down the wrong path. He's been into drugs, and has been suspended twice for it. But, he still comes back to huge ovations and puts on amazing matches against some of the most equally talented stars. Whether or not people agree with me, I still see a bright future in Hardy's life. He's always going to be the "druggie" to some people, but I look past that and see a man who sacrifices his own body to entertain us. People seem to forget that, and just see what they wish. But I see a superstar that is mislabeled. With many title runs as Intercontinental Champion, to European Champion and having many Tag Title runs with his older brother, who is another talented yet under-utilized star, Matt Hardy, Jeff is one man who deserves a shot at the top.