Jeff Kober

Jeff Kober


12/18/1953, Billings, Montana, USA

Birth Name

Jeffrey L. Kober



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Jeff Kober
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Jeff Kober began his working life as a rancher, but he began to realize that ranching wasn't enough, because of his love for literature and the arts. Jeff never quite conformed to the life of a typical cowboy, his hair was long and he embraced the hippie lifestyle.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jeff Kober is now involved in the teaching of Vedic meditation.

    • Jeff Kober is the father of one grown son, from his first marriage to film executive, Rhonda Talbot.

    • Jeff Kober is now divorced from Kelly Cutrone. Other sites have them still married, but they are divorced.

    • Jeff Kober was involved in the discussion and the commentary on the DVD of the 2001 film World Without Waves by writer-director, J. Mitchell Johnson. Jeff had the role of Doug in the film.

    • The costumes used for the Rippers in the film "Tank Girl" were so form fitting that Jeff Kober and the other cast members that played the Rippers had to cover themselves in vaseline to be able to slip into them.

    • The following is a list of all made for television films that Jeff Kober has been involved with and the characters that he played in them. "American Tragedy" (2000) as Bill Pavelic, "Windfall" (2001) as Bennett, "Lost Voyage" (2001) as Dazinger, "Gold Coast" (1997) as Roland Crowe, "The Advanced Guard" (1998) as Desmond, "Logan's War:Bound By Honor" (1998) as Sal Mercado, "The Innocent" (1994) as Tinsley, "A Matter Of Justice" (1993) as Talbot, "Desperate Rescue:The Cathy Mahone Story" (1993) as J.D.Roberts, "The Hit List" (1993) as Richard Cordon, "Keep The Change" (1992) as Billy Kelton, "Ned Blessing:The True Story Of My Life"(1992) as Tors Buckner, "Session Man" (1991) as Dean Storm, "Laguna Heat"(1987) as Vic Harmon, and "Higher Education"(1994) as Dale Evans.

    • Jeff Kober is fond of the following musicians:Led Zepplin,John Coltrane,Charley Parker,James Taylor,Dawn Upshaw,Maria Callas,John Zorn,The Beatles,Johnny Cash,and Kris Kristofferson.

    • Jeff Kober is 5'11".

    • Jeff Kober,an author ,as well as an actor,is in the process of writing a play about W.B.Yeats.

    • Jeff Kober studied the Meisner acting technique with well-known acting instructors Ed Kaye-Martin and Maria Gobetti.

    • Jeff Kober over the span of his twenty plus year acting career has guest starred on 32 different series. His first appearance was in a non-billed role on the series"V" in 1985 and his latest is in the role of the inmate Randall on "Supernatural". Kober has appeared on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Walker,Texas Ranger", and "N.Y.P.D Blue" twice in different character roles!

    • In the "Supernatural" episode called"Folsom Prison Blues", Jeff Kober,in character as Randall refers to himself as being 54 years old. In an ironic twist,Kober is only 53 in the real world.

    • Jeff Kober appeared as the character of Dean Storm in the 1991 Oscar winning short film, "Session Man". The thirty-one minute long, television film, was honored with an Academy Award in 1992 for Best Short Film, Live Action. Kober's character, Dean Storm, was a musician (guitar) in the film.

    • Jeff Kober was honored with a Best Actor nomination, for the character of Drake, in the Independent short film "Lucid" (2006), at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival.

    • Jeff Kober designed the projections that were used in the production of Jane Martin's play, "Flags".

    • Jeff Kober appeared in a commercial campaign for Bacardi Rum.

    • Jeff Kober has stated that the character of Evan"Dodger" Winslow,from the acclaimed Vietnam war drama, "China Beach", was his personal favorite, of all those he has played over, his twenty plus year career, in acting.

    • Jeff Kober is a big fan of the writer Elaine Pagels. He became interested in the works of Ms.Pagels when doing research for his direction of the play "The Bhagavad Gita-The Song Of God".

    • Jeff Kober(playing Abraham Ofinian/Eugene Hoff in the "Law and Order-Special Victims Unit" episode-"Charisma")was instrumental in helping Mariska Hargitay(series regular as Olivia Benson)win a Gloden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama. This was the first major acting award won by any series regular on any of The Law And Order series.

    • During the filming of the movie, "The First Power",Jeff Kober completed a scene of his character, satanic serial killer Patrick Channing, repeating the Christian"Lord's Prayer" backward in one take. Supposedly, doing this prayer backwards does invite satanic influences and according to published reports,Kober and the entire cast and crew were totally unnerved by the experience. Filming of the movie shut down and everyone went home to film another day.

    • During the editing of the film "Tank Girl" a number of scenes involving Jeff Kober's character(Booga-a Ripper-genetically mutated human-kangaroo-dog individual)and Tank Girl(Lorie Petty)were removed from the final version of the film and the DVD release. The scenes were removed because they showed Booga(Tank Girl's love interest in the film) and Tank Girl in bed together. The studio felt that the scenes were too graphic in nature for the audience.

  • Quotes

    • Jeff Kober in a quote about how he felt about the character, Patrick Channing, he played in the film, "The First Power".
      Jeff Kober:It was hard to find a sense of honor in this man (character-Patrick Channing)because he was strictly focused on power rather than any type of self fulfillment.

    • Jeff Kober in a comment on his sense of humor.
      Jeff Kober:I generally find myself laughing in movies when no one else is,which can be embarrassing since I have a loud,kind of obnoxious laugh.

    • A quote from actor Jeff Kober on the type of television or film role that has the most attraction for him.
      Jeff Kober:Drama attracts me more than comedy. I like films which show people going through certain personal kinds of change.

    • This is a quote from actor Jeff Kober on how he approaches his craft.
      Jeff Kober:As an actor,I have to do my work in such a way as I believe it. If I make my part in it believable,that transfers to the audience.

    • This is a quote from actor Jeff Kober on what he hopes to accomplish with his acting.
      Jeff Kober:I want more than anything to do work that can bring people together,instead of apart,and give a sense of healing. I think the world needs that right now.

    • This a quote from Jeff Kober in the role of Abraham Ofinian/Eugene Hoff,a meglomaniac,pedophile,con artist,from the "Law and Order:Special Victims Unit" episode,"Charisma".
      Abraham Ofinian/Eugene Hoff:I am greater than all of them,greater than God!

    • This is from season 3 of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer",with Jeff Kober in character as Zachary Kralik,a mother obsessed, psychotic vampire.
      Zachary Kralik:I have a problem with mothers. I am aware of that.

    • This is a quote by Jeff Kober in character as Major West(mercenary)in the 1994 film "Automatic".
      Major West:In the old days,I would have tortured you for hours. There is just not time for life's simple pleasures anymore. Oh,well. Good Night!

    • This is from the 1986 film "Out Of Bounds" with Jeff Kober as savage drug dealer Roy Gaddis and Anthony Michael Hall as the farmboy Daryl Cage.
      Daryl Cage:What are you mental,you think this is a freakin'video?
      Roy Gaddis:Lead rain,Lamar. Lead freakin'rain.

    • This a quote from the 1988 black comedy "Lucky Stiff",with Jeff Kober as Ike McArthur Nixon Mitchell and Donna Dixon as Cynthia Mitchell. The film is about cannibalism-so the quote is perfect.
      Ike McArthur Nixon Mitchell:Why are the gods so good to us?
      Cynthia Mitchell:Because we love people and we know how good they really are!

    • This is from the 1996 film "Demolition High",with Jeff Kober in the role of the terrorist Luther.
      Luther:If I was counting on luck,I would have voted Libertarian!.

    • Jeff Kober in character as serial killer Patrick Channing from the film-"The First Power". Lou Diamond Phillips had the role of Detective Russell Logan.
      Patrick Channing:How's the stomach Russ?,on meeting Detective Russell Logan on the courthouse steps going into his murder trial after nearly killing Logan by stabbing him in the stomach before his capture.

    • The following are three quotes from actor Jeff Kober in character as the inmate Randall from the "Supernatural" episode,"Folsom Prison Blues". Jared Padalecki has the part of Sam Winchester as the other character in the exchanges.

      Sam:How are you doing?
      Randall:I am 54 years old, mopping the floors of a crapper with bars on the window. How do you think I am doing?
      Sam:Alright. Bad icebreaker.

      Randall:Why you inside,kid?
      Sam:Cause I got an idiot for a brother.
      Randall:That'll do it.

      Randall:I've heard these stories. I don't know if they are true or not. Cons love to talk, but we are all liars.

    • This is a quote from actor Jeff Kober,in character as Booga from the 1995 film "Tank Girl".

      Booga:I used to be dog,but because I was really good,I got moved up to human being status. Sort of.

    • This is a quote from actor Jeff Kober on his employment history before becoming an actor.

      Jeff Kober:I was a pretty good rancher,a fairly decent corndog salesman in a carnival,a very marginal guitar player,and a lousy waiter.

    • This a quote from actor Jeff Kober about the rearing of his son.
      Jeff Kober:My son is so cool! He has completely changed my lifestyle and expanded it for the better.

    • This a quote from the film-The First Power(1990). Jeff Kober had the role of serial killer Patrick Channing and Tracy Griffith had the role of psychic Tess Seton.

      Tess Seton:Patrick,you can't keep killing forever.
      Patrick Channing:Wanna Bet!

  • scary man...

    Jeff Kober scares the hell out of me. The first thing I saw him in was the X-Files – not so memorable. Then came Buffy. The first time he was on Buffy he played a psychotic vamp. All vamps are bad but he was psychotic as a human so as a vamp he was the worst of the worst. He was sent to challenge Buffy on her 18th birthday and he was scary. He then came back to Buffy in a different role, as a man who liked to feed off of witched powers for the high. He was one of the main reason that Willow went to the black arts and she comes back to him for more power. Bad man – I haven’t liked him in anything else that I have ever seen him in and that includes Walker.moreless
  • Jeff Kober is a multi-talented actor of the stage and screen. His twenty-plus year career is still going strong,with a standout role in the Independent film-World Without Waves.

    Jeff Kober(World Without Waves,Lucid(I/S),The Hills Have Eyes2,Mutiple) is the category of individual that would be called"A Man Of All Seasons". Actor,director,writer,editor,designer,and artist,Mr.Kober, as seen, is a man of many talents. Not only appearing in film and television(series regular-China Beach,Kindred-The Embraced),Kober has an extensive theater background,including roles in the stage productions of J For J,The Andersonville Trial,Defying Gravity,Poster Of The Cosmos,The Moundbuilders,and The Rainmaker. Mr.Kober made his directing debut with The Bhagavad Gita:The Song Of God,starring Bernard White. A writer of note,Jeff Kober is the c/o author of the critically acclaimed text- Art That Pays:The Emerging Artist's Guide To Making A Living with Adele Slaughter. Known to be a risk taker where his career is concerned,Jeff Kober has appeared in a several short films that have won widespread favor-Sessions Man(Academy Award Winner) and most recently Lucid. Mr.Kober's most riveting role to a date is that of Doug in the Independent film World Without Waves,directed and written by J.Mitchell Johnson. Kober gives a acting tour de force in this film that should have garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Jeff Kober will next be seen in the remake of The Hills Have Eyes2,as Col. Lincoln Redding. The film is set for release in March 2007. Jeff Kober recently appeared on the series Supernatural as the inmate Randall in the episode,Folsom Prison Blues. His next film appearance is in the film Multiple,as Terry.moreless