Jeff Kober





12/18/1953 , Billings, Montana, USA

Birth Name

Jeffrey L. Kober




Jeff Kober began his working life as a rancher, but he began to realize that ranching wasn't enough, because of his love for literature and the arts. Jeff never quite conformed to the life of a typical cowboy, his hair was long and he embraced the hippie lifestyle. He hitchhiked and played guitar in rock bands and eventually toured with a carnival and sold corn-dogs. Kober's employment as a waiter, convinced him that it was time to follow his dreams.

He eventually made the move to Los Angeles, where he learned base guitar and joined the rock band, Walking Wounded, but after taking acting classes he discovered he needed to perform. He was a student of the late Ed Kaye-Martin and continues study with well-known acting instructor, Candace Silvers. Jeff got his first significant break on the highly acclaimed Vietnamese war drama "China Beach", as Sergent Evan "Dodger" Winslow. He and Dana Delany (Nurse Colleen McMurphy on China Beach) actually ventured to the newly formed Republic of Vietnam during the filming of "China Beach". The results of their trip can be seen through commentary and film footage on the "Intimate Portrait" series, "Dana Delany" episode. Next came the role of the Nosferatu Primogen Daedalus on the short-lived, but now cult series, "Kindred:The Embraced".

Since "Kindred:The Embraced", Jeff has continued to pursue acting, specializing in darker roles such as the character of Abraham Ofinian/Eugene Hoff, a pedophile and con artist, from the "Charisma" episode of "Law and Order:Special Victims Unit". He has made guest appearances on a number of popular TV series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Poltergeist the Legacy", "Charmed", "Law and Order:Special Victims Unit", "Criminal Minds", "The Closer", "The Shield", "CSI:LV", "ER", "24", and most recently, the "Folsom Prison Blues" episode of "Supernatural" as the inmate Randall.

Jeff Kober has an extensive filmography of television movies and theater releases. Some of his roles on the large screen include, "Tank Girl", "World Without Waves", "Defining Maggie", "Alien Nation", "Out of Bounds", "The Baby Doll Murders", "Automatic", "Enough", "A Man Apart", and "Hidalgo". His small screen movie appearances include, "Keep The Change", "Gold Coast", "A Matter of Justice", "Desperate Rescue:The Cathy Mahone Story", "The Innocent", "Windfall", and "Laguna Heat". Mr.Kober is currently appearing in the film, "The Hills Have Eyes2", as Lincoln Redding. His next project is the role of Terry, in the film, "Multiple".

Jeff Kober has done considerable work on the stage-appearing in productions of "J For J"(a play he was involved in the developement of), "Defying Gravity", "The Moundbuilders", "Poster Of The Cosmos", "The Andersonville Trial", and "The Rainmaker". He has also directed "The The Bhagavad Gita:The Song Of God", starring Bernard White

Mr.Kober is the c/o author (along with Adele Slaughter) of the highly acclaimed book, "Art That Pays:The Emerging Artist's Guide To Making A Living". Jeff Kober is a talented artist. He was responsible for the paintings attributed to his character Daedalus, on the series, Kindred:The Embraced.

On a personal note, Jeff Kober has been married and divorced twice. His first wife was business executive, Rhonda Talbot, with whom he has one grown son. His second wife was actress, Kelley Cutrone. Jeff Kober currently, resides in Southern California.