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  • Jeff Kober is a multi-talented actor of the stage and screen. His twenty-plus year career is still going strong,with a standout role in the Independent film-World Without Waves.

    Jeff Kober(World Without Waves,Lucid(I/S),The Hills Have Eyes2,Mutiple) is the category of individual that would be called"A Man Of All Seasons". Actor,director,writer,editor,designer,and artist,Mr.Kober, as seen, is a man of many talents. Not only appearing in film and television(series regular-China Beach,Kindred-The Embraced),Kober has an extensive theater background,including roles in the stage productions of J For J,The Andersonville Trial,Defying Gravity,Poster Of The Cosmos,The Moundbuilders,and The Rainmaker. Mr.Kober made his directing debut with The Bhagavad Gita:The Song Of God,starring Bernard White. A writer of note,Jeff Kober is the c/o author of the critically acclaimed text- Art That Pays:The Emerging Artist's Guide To Making A Living with Adele Slaughter. Known to be a risk taker where his career is concerned,Jeff Kober has appeared in a several short films that have won widespread favor-Sessions Man(Academy Award Winner) and most recently Lucid. Mr.Kober's most riveting role to a date is that of Doug in the Independent film World Without Waves,directed and written by J.Mitchell Johnson. Kober gives a acting tour de force in this film that should have garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Jeff Kober will next be seen in the remake of The Hills Have Eyes2,as Col. Lincoln Redding. The film is set for release in March 2007. Jeff Kober recently appeared on the series Supernatural as the inmate Randall in the episode,Folsom Prison Blues. His next film appearance is in the film Multiple,as Terry.