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    • The following is a list of all made for television films that Jeff Kober has been involved with and the characters that he played in them. "American Tragedy" (2000) as Bill Pavelic, "Windfall" (2001) as Bennett, "Lost Voyage" (2001) as Dazinger, "Gold Coast" (1997) as Roland Crowe, "The Advanced Guard" (1998) as Desmond, "Logan's War:Bound By Honor" (1998) as Sal Mercado, "The Innocent" (1994) as Tinsley, "A Matter Of Justice" (1993) as Talbot, "Desperate Rescue:The Cathy Mahone Story" (1993) as J.D.Roberts, "The Hit List" (1993) as Richard Cordon, "Keep The Change" (1992) as Billy Kelton, "Ned Blessing:The True Story Of My Life"(1992) as Tors Buckner, "Session Man" (1991) as Dean Storm, "Laguna Heat"(1987) as Vic Harmon, and "Higher Education"(1994) as Dale Evans.