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  • Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos on Flipping O...
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Jeff Lewis was born in Southern California and has been living there his entire life. He attended Chapman University in Orange County where he received a degree in legal studies. After college he pursued a career in Real Estate and worked for several top companies before he began…more


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    • Jeff Lewis: I've kind of re-strategized and it changed the way that I'm running my business and also running my personal life. These toxic people are also being replaced with people that are more productive and effective and professional. And as a result, we're finding that my life - I have more personal time now because I'm not having to micromanage every single person in my life. And that has caused - that's basically eliminated a lot of stress for me.

    • Jeff Lewis:(On his OCD getting worse) I think it does - I think it has become worse as I got older. What's interesting is I think it was very exaggerated as a child and then I think that it mellowed, but then now for some reason it's getting a little more exaggerated as an adult.

    • Jeff Lewis:(On how he got into Real Estate) Well, my dad. Although he was never doing real estate full time, he was just supplementing his income. So I kind of picked it up by osmosis. I watched him. He owned commercial property and buildings, and I was just a little kid sitting in the passenger seat following him around as he visited his different properties. It was always interesting to me, but there was always a component that was missing. I've always been creative, and the segment of real estate that my dad was involved in really didn't quite interest me. He was all about the buy and sell, just the numbers and the money. It took me until I was in my late twenties to understand and get my purpose. I liked the facet of real estate that I ultimately went into because it is ultimately very creative. I have that balance, because I really do feel like I have a strong interest in business, but I also want to be creative at the same time.

    • Jeff Lewis:(On Bravo being a good fit for him) It is. I think it ultimately ended up being the best home for me. There was another network that wanted to order twelve episodes, and that of course was a little bit tempting, but I thought Bravo was the best home.

    • Jeff Lewis:(In response to hearing his assistants calling him crazy) When I first heard that, I was a little thrown back, but I'm self aware enough to know that my behavior isn't always so normal and that most people would consider it crazy. That said, when Jenni finished that sentence, she went on to say that all geniuses are crazy. Which really, I found the second half of that sentence to be a huge compliment. I thought, wow, this is a girl who really respects my work. She knows how hard I work, and how much I put into this, and how much I care. It's very hard to shut off. As much as I'd like to shut it off at 7 o'clock and continue with my evening, I'm always thinking about it - thinking of ways to make the houses better, important changes that could take the property to the next level. I'm always thinking.

    • Jeff Lewis:(When asked if he likes his pets more than people) True. True. I love animals. I love my pets. They changed my life for so many reasons. I just care about them so much. I'm responsible for them, they depend on me. I hate to say it, but I do. I care more about my animals.

    • Jeff Lewis:(On how having OCD affects his relationship) Oh yeah. Absolutely. It's difficult for him. I'm obviously extremely neat and organized, and he is not, and that creates a lot of tension. Although, he's gotten better, and I've gotten a lot better. By that, I mean I let him keep his house messy.

    • Jeff Lewis:(About trusting people) It is difficult. I'm sure other people can relate, but it is difficult for me to trust. A lot of people have let me down and disappointed me. I try very hard to get through it. I try very hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. That said, I do have a close-knit group of friends that I trust. I do generally trust my employees, the ones that are working for me presently, until they give me a reason not to.

    • Jeff Lewis:(About working with his ex-boyfriend) Yeah, there was certainly a lot of tension, a lot of resentment. It was a friendly, civil breakup. I haven't had too many of those. [laughs] This one in particular, it was a good relationship. Ryan was always a good friend. I always completely trusted him. I probably couldn't be business partners with anyone else, because there was that complete trust. I rely on Ryan to make really important financial decisions and I don't have to worry about that with him. I don't think that I would have a business partner if Ryan weren't around.

    • Jeff Lewis:(When asked if he encounters homophobia on the job) Yes, I have a few times. No one has ever said anything to my face, but I have heard from other employees comments made on the job site. I usually correct it. I've gone through a few people. And it's not just homophobia. It's also racism. There have been situations where I've had to eliminate someone. My plumber who I've worked with for years, greatest guy in the world, he's African-American. I did have someone make a racist comment on the job, so he was eliminated.

    • Jeff Lewis: I'm very passionate about whatever I'm doing, and I tend to see the potential in everything. Realizing that potential is what motivates me and get's me out of bed each morning.

    • Jeff Lewis: I solicited capital from several sources before I found someone who believed in my ability to structure a deal and renovate a property for a profit.

    • Jeff Lewis: I'm obsessive about the way I live and work, so when it comes to renovating, I believe in finding the true integrity of a house, then breathing life back into it in a way that connects with a certain type of buyer.

    • Jeff Lewis:I sell a complete package...a life style that's in harmony with and exemplified by the exterior and interior living space.

  • The man you love to hate!

    I think that Jeff is the new person that you love to hate or hate to love. As he is really a jerk but also you can't help but feel sorry for the man. As he has OCD and can't help it. In the first season, he was really bad. But in the second season of his hit reality show, "Flipping Out!" He is doing his best to seek treatment and try to curb his OCD moods. Also he used to date his real-estate partner, Ryan for two years. But seems like, they are better at being friends and partners in business. The only person that can stand him is the housekeeping, Zoila. Way to go girl!moreless