Jeff MacKay

Jeff MacKay


10/20/1948, Dallas, Texas



Birth Name

Jeffery Neill MacKay



Also Known As

Jeff Mac Kay
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Jeffery Neill MacKay was born on the 20 of October, 1948 in Dallas, Texas. He attended Van Buren Jr. High School just off Sandia Base in Albuquerque New Mexico. Jeff is an American character actor best known for his roles in Black Sheep Squadron (Lt. Donald "Don" French),…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Jeff MacKay in Tales of the Gold Monkey, Baa Baa Black Sheep and on Magnum PI was amazing. He always has just the right timing and can carefully craft his character's believiability. Form the days when we recorded Snaggle Puss on his tape recorder in 1960moreless

    I have followed my childhood friend since our times of getting together in 1960-61. I think Jeff and I were about the same age and we both went to Van Buren Jr. High School just off Sandia Base in Albuquerque New Mexico. Jeff was always theatrical and we spent hours recording various radio show imitations on his tape recorder. In his years on television, I have remainded amazed at how well he has always handled all his assignments and jobs. I am afraid it is because he did the side kick role so well that he sort of got type cast which I think can be good or bad. He did such a great job as Lt. French and Corkey he just stuck in those roles. It's good because if there is a role of that type you'll have a shot at it and bad because it prevents progression. I have always been amazed at how well Jeff has done and how he keeps popping up on shows. I alway look for whatever he's in as the years roll by. This is a true testament to his stamina and his place in the TV hall of fame, which he should certainly be in some day, if there is such a place. Under the category of top side kicks of all time you'll find Jeff MacKay at about number 5 in the top ten, just behind Gabby Hays. He definately should have been a much bigger star but he has my vote as an amazing celebrity. No matter how big and famous he gets, I'll always remember sitting on his bed in Albuquerque making up stuff and joking around with his tape recorder. See you on the tube Jeff!!!moreless