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  • In the Still of the Night

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    S 8 : Ep 10 - 3/13/01

    A small scuffle breaks out in the precinct lobby when the man who enters is identified as the one responsible for the vehicular homicide death of a cop's cousin. This is the second scuffle that the driver has gotten into with the surviving relatives. Sipowicz and Sorenson are able to negotiate to keep charges from being filed against all parties and everyone is satisfied. Captain Bass's wife is stabbed and Russell goes to speak with her, while Jones and Medavoy investigate the crime scene. Bass tells Fancy he wants a full court press to get the guy who did this. In the interim, with a little push from Medavoy, Jones and Haywood make a date for a night of doo-wop. Russell mentions to Fancy that is was suspected but never proven that Bass's wife might have set a fire she was involved in 10 years ago. John Irvin meets an antique toy dealer who is interested in seeing his lead soldier. Danny speaks with Diane about his plans to leave if he gets out of line again making her uncomfortable. That evening Andy and Cynthia have another dinner date, this time at her place. Cynthia mentions to Andy that she wants to start living now. They kiss and depart for the bedroom. The next morning, Sipowicz and Sorenson are called to the scene of a beating death, involving Szymanski's cousin. They aren't able to make this go away as easily when a witness comes forth revealing that Szymanski's cousin made a verbal death threat against the victim a couple of hours earlier. Jones and Medavoy interview a suspect or two in the stabbing to no avail, then Russell discovers some evidence that Mrs. Bass had purchased the knife she was stabbed with a couple of days before the incident. In her re-interview of Mrs. Bass she finds out that all Mrs. Bass was in search of was a little attention from her husband. Fancy breaks the news to Bass, who takes it well and commends Fancy on his ability to put people first. Meanwhile, Theo asks Andy difficult questions about the friend he has been having dinner with and Baldwin and Valerie's doo-wop date goes well as they try to figure each other out.moreless
  • Politics

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    S 2 : Ep 14 - 4/23/97

    Main Sketches include: Trevor as a decoy date for a senator's mistress and Fern runs for condo association president.
  • Heartbreak

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    S 1 : Ep 9 - 1/1/95

    Camille has an innocent and unavoidable mishap in the operating room during a heart transplant on the rabbi who performed her wedding. She blames herself when he dies later, although the incident was unrelated. Racked with guilt, Camille reveals the accident, against orders, to the rabbi's widow at a really bad time. Alan's ingenuity prevents the hospital from a major lawsuit by demanding an autopsy. Aaron and Camille battle over his lack of support in the aftermath of the rabbi's death. An inexperienced young nurse challenges Dr. Thurmond's morals and patience.moreless