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  • A personal favorite, he falls into many of the categories in the menu above. His acting talent rates a ten on his worst day. He shines above others

    Jeff Perry has been a favorite actor of mine for a long time. I like his gentle, but firm, nature in Nash Bridges, which I race to the television each day to watch back to back episodes. My day isn't complete without him. Although I like the rest of the cast too, and each does a great job portraying their characters, there's just something about Jeff that I find very appealing. I like looking at him, which makes watching each show he's associated with, a must for me. I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy fan and was so tickled to see Jeff on there. It's just one more opportunity to watch the man at work. His body of work is impressive and he makes each character his own while still allowing us to see that genuine person he is. I would really like to see him in more starring roles. After all, putting him in a co-starring role only makes the lead actors look dim. Love you Jeff, well, your work, and hope one day to meet you in person.