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  • Best and Original All-Time Reality Show Host

    I think Jeff Probst if IMO, is the first and the only original reality tv show host.
    I couldn't at all imagine Survivor without him.
    Because he has to be a teacher, coach, drill instructor, detective, comic relief, as well as host & producer. All rolled-up into one.
    The show wouldn't be the same without him. Because I am glad he is staying on at least until the seventeenth edition.
    Of the GRANDADDY of reality tv shows.
    No wonder more than sixty million tuned into the show or one of the reasons is him.
  • The best reality host there is.

    All reality shows that are not “Survivor” would be better programs if they had Jeff Probst as a host. Even he has improved his performance. If you have seen season one or two on OLN or on DVD, you will notice how much more comfortable he is in the job currently.

    On the other hand, compared to the wooden performances of Julie Chen (Big Brother), or the host of other interchangeable reality show hosts, Jeff Probst at his worst is way better than any of the others.

    Jeff is able to relay information to the contestants and viewers alike without coming across as a know it all or appearing to be reading from a script.