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  • Jeff is amazing.

    Jeff is my personal, and basically, the best DJ ever. Jeff was awesome with Will, and he is also great by himself, because he is a great DJ and is known for doing his job so well. It's a shame that he was never a bigger star than he should of been, but he was on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and he was one of the best actors, and with Will, he was one of the best DJ's. It just doesn't make any sense how he isn't still a big hit today. Either way, I figure he is the best at his job, and he could really get somewhere also with his acting skills, so hopfully in the future there will be a return of Jazzy Jeff.
  • A DJ, yeah but maybe he can do some more.

    I really loved his music he did with the Fresh Prince (Will Smith). Sure, they're aren't together on music much but yet, he should do more. Maybe do some more acting. He did great in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", in which he played very well as a man from the streets. Maybe he can do some more roles like that and still keep his talent at DJ.