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    • Jeff: (about when he called the guys for Jackass 2) I think Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn were the most surprised that the call came in. 'What?!'

    • Jeff: (about when the studio says he can't do something) We don't take 'no' well. If the studio tells us 'no', we're probably going to go shoot it. No's not a good answer for us. 'Well, why not? Why not? Why not?' Eventually you find out and it's, 'Well, the only problem is you've got to do it like this.' But we're rarely told by the studio that you can't do this or that.

    • Jeff: If you move, you're done.

    • Jeff: (about if there is going to be a 3rd Jackass movie) We feel stupid being here because we really did close the book after the first one, and now we're here telling you about the second one. If we say, 'No, that's it,' then we've got to meet again. We'll just leave it at, 'We don't intend to.' We do have 40 minutes of really good stuff that's going to come out in some form and we're going to shoot in November. I know he's not going to let us stop shooting, so something's gonna happen. We're not calling it Three, but you'll see what we shoot somehow.

    • Jeff: (about the billboard prank) Johnny and the executive producers had some disposable cash apparently, and they thought it would be funny. They made sure I saw it. We did a bit a long time ago called "The Convict" where Knoxville was dressed like a convict in a hardware store trying to saw his handcuffs off. The bit was never allowed to be seen, because we didn't do things by legal standards. So the producers told me that we were gonna go down and talk to the West Hollywood Police Department because they were considering letting us use that footage. It was all just a setup to get me down there to see that f---ing billboard.

    • Jeff: (about co-stars Chris Pontius and Steve-o) There is something sort of gay about it but everything really just seems funnier if they're naked. It's fundamental. It gets down to this: it's funnier if they're naked.

    • Jeff: (about the golf cart stunt) My biggest fear was losing the camera. If you watch the clip in slow motion you see that Johnny's holding the camera, and when the cart flips it spins away. Luckily, it still worked. We shot the rest of the movie with that camera.