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    • Jeff Van Gundy: (on his fight with Alonzo Mourning) I looked like a fool.

    • Jeff Van Gundy: It can be such a rewarding place to coach, but it can be very difficult.

    • Jeff Van Gundy: Nonsense is always a distraction.

    • Jeff Van Gundy: I can't explain it. He just doesn't make at home like he makes on the road — free throws or field goals.

    • Jeff Van Gundy: (McGrady) played super hard today. He just doesn't make (shots) at home like he makes on the road. I can't explain it. We don't have an inside presence right now to throw the ball into to keep the defense honest. He's trying to make a lot of tough shots while playing big minutes.

    • Jeff Van Gundy: He's a very good player, it's good to see he could make a full recovery and have as good a year as he's had. With him and Mo Williams on the floor together, when you put two point guards on the floor at the same time, it's very difficult.

    • Jeff Van Gundy: When you score that little in a quarter, it's probably part defense and part you're missing some shots that you normally make. So we're not going to pound ourselves on the chest because I remember three or four they had right in a row at the basket over our midgets where the ball just happened to fall out. We try to play good defense yet we understand how good of an offensive team they are.

    • Jeff Van Gundy: Our guys competed really hard for the most part. It's wasn't like we overwhelmed them with talent, that's for sure.

    • Jeff Van Gundy: There will be a lot of sacrifices that have to be made. We've sort of protected ourselves in case we're not as healthy as we hope to be. If everybody's healthy, there's only 240 minutes to go around. It'll be challenging.

    • Jeff Van Gundy: As much as I loved the team last year and still do, when you lose in the first round, you have to make some moves. It's all about the results we get. Hopefully, we're going to get some good results.