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Jeff VanVonderen is the author of five books, executive director of Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources, and is a regular interventionist on A&E's Intervention. Jeff has been a powerful speaker for almost 30 years, consulting families about addiction, family dynamics, and recovery processes. He has held thousands of interventions,…more


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    • Jeff's five books are titled Tired of Trying to Measure Up, The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, When God's People Let You Down, Good News for the Chemically Dependent, and Families Where Grace is in Place.

    • Jeff is a Board Registered Interventionist, Level II. Level II is the higher of the two levels for the Association of Intervention Specialist Certification Board (AISCB).

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    • Jeff: Individuals and families become dysfunctional by accident. But they get well on purpose and this is what I'm about, helping them do that.

    • Jeff: An intervention is a caring, deliberate, and well-conceived event, through which people who care express their concern. It is a safe and intentional opportunity for them to reflect back to their loved one the ramifications of his or her behavior on themselves and others, and to present a plan to change and get help in ways that will address the causes and alleviate the suffering of all involved. With the skilled assistance of an interventionist, the experience creates the opportunity to interrupt destructive patterns of living or deal constructively with a crisis situation.

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