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  • Eliminated early on but should've rised to fame.

    It's his previous votes that got him ousted. OMG, he was right, Kucha should've targeted Jerri. They both had 2 votes against them anyway. Jeff Varner, is what can I say, a very cute guy though his body isn't as good as Colby's. His body is like not emaciated. He gained 15 pounds to not suffer from hunger and malnutrition. He was like Allies with Alicia. Only if he didn't jump of that perch for a hearty scoop of peanut butter. He does seem kind of like horny after "Girls Night out." I guess the Kucha guys expected the women coming to them. Only the guys from Ogakor came to them. Though Jeff is gone, he is still very cute though Colby hogs the spotlight. GO Jeff.