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  • Great actor.

    Have only seen him in "Grey's Anatomy" witch he acted great.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the perfect man. Deep sex voice, ruggedly handsome face with dimples do die for, and don't forget that laugh. His laugh is so infectious it should be reported to the CDC.

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the perfect man. Deep sex voice, ruggedly handsome face with dimples do die for, and don't forget that laugh. His laugh is so infectious it should be reported to the CDC. But we all know that looks aren't everything and Jeffrey's got that covered too. He is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. Sure he's been around a long time doing bit parts but people are finally giving him the credit (and roles) he deserves. I fell in love with Jeffrey when he was playing John Winchester on Supernatural. He may have only been around physically for one full season but John Winchester is a man you don't forget, thanks to the actor that portrays him. And my fingers are crossed that Papa W. can make an appearance or two in Supernatural's fifth, and most likely final season. Jeffrey's got a few movies yet to come out in 2009/2010. Here's hoping he'll get to grace our movie screens for many years to come.
  • John I love this man.

    John is so talented I hate he died he was kinded of hard on the boys. I do not think he would of had another child that is on the show the one they picked dose not match any of them. I own all three of the season shows that is how much I love the show. I'v have sean John in alot of other shows and movies he is a great actor. So cute and dashing I will miss him. I would like to know how he like being on Supernatual. John your a great actor keep thumbs up to you.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a smile of warmth and the eyes to match ... AND he can act!!!

    Excellent actor
    Up and comer (has many roles that he hasn't touched)
    I am so glad that he isn't married;-)
    I am smitten over him and can't wait to see him in all his endeavors. I have seen 'PS I love you' and now watch it regularly. He can be an Irishman, a Comedian or just a guy from Seattle, he is great in my view! I have seen 'PS I love you' and now I have watched it 1x a week. He can be an Irishman, a Comedian or just a guy from Seattle, he is great in my view! Kudos to JDM!
  • Such a shame he always dies.

    I first saw JDM in Angel playing a guy with a vamp problem, next was Supernatural when he was hunting them.

    He played daddy Winchester so well, fitting in with the styles of the existing cast, like them all he was given a great opportunity to show his acting range. He was able to portray such sadness,determination and tough love as the weary hunter trying to protect his sons. When his character was possessed JDM played bad so well. Its such a pity that almost every show I have seen him in Supernatural, Greys Anatomy and Weeds he ends up dead. This really only giving him the opportunity to come back on SN.

    He has also aged like wine and wears his grey well. I hope to see him in more.
  • Morgan. Sexy name. Sexy body. Sexy man. And talented!

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one for the ages. For the past few years he has been hiding in the shadows but now it appears to be his time! He has started in the hit show Supernatural- which, if you havent yet, you should defiantely watch and enjoy. Also, he was recently in the movie Ps i love you. With another good looking man, Gerard Butler. Defiantely worth seeing movie! HAHA Talent, looks, style and humor all make a great man. He definately covers it. Hopefully he will be in much more in the future, just cant get enough. There will be a movie with him costaring so stay tuned!!
  • Jeffrey is a multi-talented actor who has been in many different TV shows and movies throughout his career.

    Jeffrey had not one but two recurring roles in two hit TV shows, Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural. In Grey's Anatomy he played Denny Duquette a heart patient who falls in-love with Izzie but too bad they could not find a new heart and he dies. In Supernatural he played John Winchester, a demon hunter and father of Dean and Sam Winchester. He taught all his hunting skills to his boys and when one of his sons was dieing, he exchanged his life so that his boy can live. Do we see a pattern? Every character Jeffrey had on a TV show had died. Now come on. We need to find a TV show in which he is the star and does not die.

    Jeffrey also has been in many movies and his newest movie is P.S. I Love You which is a romantic comedy and is to be released in 2008. In this movie, Jeffrey will have an Irish accent and I can't wait to hear him speak with an accent. Jeffrey is in high demand now and he will be seeing this man more and more on the big screen and on the small screen.
  • Up there with George my books anyway. lol

    Hes a great actor and played a great role in the hit series tv show Supernatural with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki! I believe he was a great assett to the show and its a shame to see him go. He always seems to be killed off in tv shows though. He was killed off in the hit tv show Grey's Anatomy as well as Supernatural. He is a great actor and can play any role fantasticly. He does a good role as a father which is quite convenient in the flashbacks in Supernatural. He has a very kind and considerate personality which always shows in his characters. Hope he does well in the future.
  • I only know Jeffrey from Grey's and Supernatural. But anyway, I thought he was awesome!

    I have got to say though, I only 'really' know Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester in Supernatural. Yes, the handsome father of Sam and Dean. But before I get into that... Alex was a great guy. I mean the part on Grey's when he died with Izzy! So sad...
    Ok! So John.. was great!
    He was just the perfect guy to play that part. He just had the charisma and the looks for it. A notable episode with John in it would have to be Devil's Trap. His acting skills were used really well in this episode, especially when he was possessed by the Yellow-Eyed-Demon! This part was great.
    Well thats it for Jeffrey. I don't know if I can say much more, because then I will get into too much detail and get carried away. Like I have on previous occasions...
  • If only tv shows would stop killing his characters off!

    This actor is so good, and can turn even the drippiest, clunkiest dialogue into riveting tv (read: Grey's Anantomy), and yet no one seems to be able to find a place for him in permanent rotation. I think they missed the boat on this one. After his role in the new "Watchmen" movie (among others), he may never return from the land of films. Though, considering what a genial, considerate guy he appears to be in all of his interviews, I'm sure he would come back to TV in a heartbeat. He seems very loyal that way.
  • He's the dad I wish I had....

    An awesome actor!!!! His role in upernatural is so loveable.... he is the tough guy that went out hunting demons to p´rotect his boys, so cute!!! Everything he does is great!!!!
    He was incredible in Grey's Anatomy, I cryed everytime Danny was with Izzie, they were such a great couple, I can't believe he is dead!!!! The should be toghether!!!!
    Man, he can really play a great dying man apparently, cause every character of his dies!!!! And that has nothing to do with his actng, cause he is a fenomenal actor, I really think they shoul have kept him alive in both shows!!!!! Thanks God he is comming back, too bad is only for flashback scenes....
  • He is an awesome actor. He plays a really good father hunter on Supernatural on did really well on Grey Anatomy. Cnat believe he is dead in both but apparently coming back in both yes!!!! cant wait

    omg He plays the best father finure on Supernatural. thats where I mostly watch him and I think he does an awesome job. now that hes bone Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) has had to play the fatherly role but Dad's coming back so I am really excited about that. I dont watch Grey's much actually so I really didn't see him much but I was really sad in the eppy that he died. Why do the best actor (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jeffery Dean Morgan) always die!!! it really makes me mad. but anyway I really like the guy. he is very talented and brings alot to wutev show hes in!!! Do more shows Jeffery!!!!
  • Although I have only seen him in one show, he has the skills to become a well known actor that everyone will have heard of.

    I have just watched the finale of Grey's Anatomy season 2 and I must say that this guy nearly brought me to tears several times, he played an excellent part for the entire season and it was a damn shame that his character had to die at the end because I'd have loved to have seen him live on as Izzy's boyfriend for many seasons to come. It seems with that show that when one good thing happens, five more bad things are waiting around the corner, this was one of those five.

    I will be watching his other show appearances when British television let's me, also I'll be keeping a look out for his films that are coming out this year. Keep on rocking Jeff, you're one hell of a talented actor.
  • Jeffrey is a pretty face, I think we can all agree on that; but he is SO much more! He is a phenomenal actor - his portrayal of Denny Duquette was absolutely Emmy worthy! Give this man his own show - he is truly an underused actor!

    For most of us, our first knowledge of Jeffrey was as dying heart patient Denny Duquette on "Gray's Anatomy". His portrayal of Denny was spot on and I hope he is recognized for this brilliant work with an Emmy nod for guest star. Of course he is absolutely gorgeous and we all fell for Denny and subsequently Jeffrey, but this guy is one heck of an actor! Not only was he on GA, but he also had stints (and still does some, just not enough!) on Weeds and Supernatural. The only thing these 3 characters had in common is they were either dead or dying, so it's a huge testament to Jeffrey's skills as an actor to play 3 completely different characters all at the same time and play each one to perfection. Of course my absolute favorite was Denny and the Denny/Izzie love story was so beautifully done! I also believe that this story line was in large part responsible for the huge success of GA's 2nd season.

    I really hope, as I'm certain do millions of other women (and probably some men) that the new Shonda Rhimes show in which Jeffrey will have the lead role does come to fruition. Television really needs actors of Jeffrey's talent - not to mention I'd love the chance to see him week in and week out! I'm so happy that after 15 years or so in Hollywood playing primarily guest appearances on TV that Jeffrey is finally getting the recognition he truly deserves! He's way too talented an actor for the powers-that-be in Hollywood to not step up and take notice of this guy and get him in a weekly TV show! There are precious few actors that I really give a flip about, but Jeffrey tops my list of actors that I will follow and watch any and everything he acts in - small or large screen. We just need lots, lots MORE of Jeffrey. I wish him nothing but continued success.
  • Much more than just a pretty face

    My mother was really into Grey's Anatomy and she kept telling me about this Denny guy. "Have you seen Denny? Oh, he just breaks my heart!"

    Now, you need to know my mother to know that if there is a character that just breaks her heart, he has to really be something special. And it turned out, he really was. At least in my own personal experience, I discovered that the actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, was.

    I never watched Grey's Anatomy, but I had been coerced by a friend to start watching Supernatural over the hiatus and I became instantly addicted to it. I mainlined the entire season in the course of a weekend and when I first saw John Winchester when he went back to Lincoln, Nebraska in 'Home', I fell in love. Those two minutes that he was on my television screen were just enough to have me completely enamored with him. To see him play a character whose heart is breaking is enough to make your own heart ache.

    It's been a long time since I have encountered an actor that I found to be so expressive and just completely involved in what he does. I look at him and he is John Winchester. There isn't another person on the face of this planet who could have played that role and that really says a lot about him. By the time he was in 'Shadows', my eyes filled with tears when I saw him for the first time. He was crying and he had ME crying. Now that is powerful stuff. And I don't have to mention watching him in 'In My Time of Dying.' I'm still trying to recover from that and it's been six weeks since it aired.

    I admit that I am going to miss him like nobody's business from Supernatural. But he sure did help Kleenex's stock go up the night that In My Time of Dying aired. He gave such an incredible performance, he had turned dying into an art-form. Now if he could just score a role where he lives, there would be a number of very, very happy fans out there.

    We're crossing our fingers for that day to come sometime soon.
  • Incredible Actor...he is one of the best kept secrets on television! Get this handsome (amazing) actor his own series!!! ;)

    Have been riveted by everything JDM has done this past year...Supernatural, Greys Anatomy and Weeds...but this guy is way more capable than just 'dying' on screen!
    Get him his own series so we can watch him at least once a week!!!
    Incredible, deep brooding looks with a sparkle in his eye.
    He needs to be showcased somewhere!!!

  • poor guy

    great actor who has the bad luck of having to die in 2 series

    (i agree with him katherine heigl or demons no choice)still i think there are greater things in the pipeline for him

    if harrison ford gets to old for indy 4 maybe he can take over, has the physical capabilities as well as the actor chops
  • Charming, sexy, handsome, AND talented!

    What can I say except, \"WOW!\" This man has the whole package---he\'s extremely talented, he can multi-task his roles, and he\'s a gorgeous man!
    His character on Grey\'s Anatomy was played so convincingly that it was one of the most heart-wrenching deaths I have seen on television or in a movie. I will definitely want to see more of this man\'s acting because he is so very talented and he is everything that epitomizes the type of man that most women find very attractive. He is a rapidly rising star!
  • He is awesome on Supernatural.

    He must be talented to be on three shows on three different networks at the same time. Not to mention he is good looking in an older man sort of way. I wouldn't even know who Jeffrey Dean Morgan was if it weren't for his role as John Winchester on Supernatural. He plays John very well. I can't imagine anyone else playing the part. I hope he does get a show on ABC. I would watch it.
  • The man is awesome.

    I can't believe they killed Denny off, that show will never be the same for me. He is so talented. I've been catching up on all the different shows he has starred in, that man can act!! He is definitely underused and needs his own show. Not to mention the fact that he is crazy sexy with that voice and those hands...a kiss from him would certainly be worth a thousand words. I love the scene in Grey\'s where he is beating Izzy at scrabble and she mentions the vow that she and Meredith took and...the look he gives her with his head all cocked to the side....what a hot man. I hear he is going to be in a new show, I can\'t wait to see it.
  • Morgan will be missed on Gray\'s Anatomy!

    I work in the largest Medical Center in the Nation and don\'t get the opportunity to watch much TV. I picked up Gray\'s Anatomy halfway through the season this year and immediately fell in love with the Denny Duquette character. The story line, character development, and writing was phenomenal. I was so heartbroken to see this character killed off at the end of the season. I went and purchased the first season of the show to catch up on what I had missed leading up to where I picked up this season. Gray\'s Anatomy has truly evolved. I have rewatched the last 3 hours of the second season again this week. I can\'t remember feeling more touched by a character story line as I was with the relationship between the Denny and Izzie characters and how it was portrayed. I found myself from a medical perspective trying to see how they could bring Denny back to life on the show next season after killing his character off. The positive at the end of this season was the stronger character development of Alex Karev. I was most impressed by this change and improvement. Still, I would love to see some way of have Denny\'s character back on the show.
  • Look at those eyes!!!

    What can I say except when can I see this guy on TV again??? I fell in love with his character on Grey's Anatomy - but they killed him off - what a crock. I can't wait to see what his next project is - he made his character Denny so real...his easy smile and gorgeous eyes had me hooked from the beginning.
    I heard a rumour that he got his own show on ABC in the fall, but alas, I can find nothing about it.
    So, for now, I can only continue to rely on my TIVO'd Grey's Anatomy's to get me through the summer. If you see something coming up with this actor in it - Dont Miss It! Guaranteed, it will be great.
  • How do you say I think I'm in love. You are so lovable. Cute sexy and mostly LOVABLE. We have started a campaign to bring DENNY back.. we figured it could be dream. signs are being made as I type. BRING DENNY BACK!! Your Great Cutie!

    Review for Grey's will not be the same without Denny.. Dr. McDreamy is cute... but Denny was the best!!! Please Bring him back.. Supernatural Love this show.. You are great in this show too... Hummmmmm are you married.. HeHeHe I'm sure you get asked this a million times a day right? lol you lovable sweetie YOU!!!! Please keep up the good work... Can't wait to see you in your upcoming movie with Lisa and Teri... You have become a favorite of mine and I can tell you now I will go see anything you're in.. just to see that smile
  • Genuine, sweet, extremely sexy, and funny. A great actor.

    Jeffery Dean Morgan's portrayal of Denny on Grey's Anatomy was and is one of the best performances on TV today. He played that character with such emotion, depth, and understanding that it blew me away. This is the first time I have seen him Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural and he is phenomenal in both shows.

    He should get awards and recognition for his portrayal of Denny because when he died, I cried and that is a sign of an amazing performance. Bring Denny back! Make the last few minutes of the finale a dream sequence.

    If he can't be brought back then he defintely deserves his own show.

    We need to start a petition to bring him back on Grey's Anatomy - they could work him into the show somehow.
  • he is sexy, cute and he\'s one hell of an actor

    jeffrey dean morgan is a great actor , I love the caracter of denny but it is a shame that he died :\'( , im sad and angry beacause he was one of the biggest reasons i watched grey\'s anatomy , i still dont understand why he died , bring denny back, i wanted he and izzie to get together and happy , snif , or i dont know bring dennys twin brother hahaha please , cuz i am in misery because he left grey\'s anatomy, well but anyways i wish him a lot of luck with his future projects
  • Wonderful actor. Cute dimples and sexy laugh. :)

    Jeffery is a great actor. I love his smile, dimples and laugh. I became a fan after seeing him on Greys & Supernatural. Playing characters that were polar opposites but wonderful in both situations. He made Denny a totally hopeful and totally loveable character which made Greys all the more enjoyable to watch. I will miss him on Sunday nights. Come back Jeffrey!!
  • What a beautiful character Denny was on Gray\'s anatomy. Jeffrey Dean Morgan needs to capitalize on this and go out there with a new romantic comedy.

    What a beautiful actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is. He was able to be vulnerable and still protray a strong, supportive and independant man. In his role with Denny on G-Anatomy he broke the mold for the male actor and raised the bar on providing a strong romantic male role. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is well loved and needs to do something really amazing while all the fans of Gray\'s Anatomy are starving for more of his beautiful facial expressions and warm eyes. I would love to see him in his own show. I\'ve fallen in love with this face and want to see it some more.
  • I saw him act in Grey\'s Anatomy for the first time and he blew me away. I fell in love with his dimples, his smile and most of all his acting. He is a great, great actor! I see him doing great!

    Actor JD Morgan, one of the best I have seen. I didn\'t know his work until I saw him in Grey\'s Anatomy, I started to watch the show because of Patrick Dempsey, and when Denny walked in the hosital sick and pale but yet managed to give Izzy a smile, I said \"Who is this actor?\" And from there on I am his number one fan, well atleast I will be. Awesome actor, incredibly gorgeous, I see him acting more after his role in Supernatural and Grey\'s Anatomy. He deserves it. I give him a 10.

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan deserves to be nominated for Emmy for his guest appearance on Grey\'s Anatomy. This man is sorely underrated!! I would love to keep track of his career.

    What a wonderful actor! I loved him as \"Denny Duquette\" on Grey\'s Anatomy!! What wonderful chemistry he has with Katherine Heigl!! I loved, loved, LOVED his character!! We need to see more of this talented man on the small screen!!

    Grey\'s Anatomy was the first time I had ever heard of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Where has he been all my life? LOL

    Handsome, charming and extremely talented. I wish he was coming back to Grey\'s in the fall.

    Anyone know of any other shows he is on or going to be on? I would love to see what he looks like out of the hospital gown. :-)
  • Bring Denny back to GA

    Please bring Denny back to Grey's Anatomy. Denny's character was outstanding, charming, and sexy. The love story between Denny and Izzy....the best EVER! I am literally in mourning over Denny's death. Please tell me it's all a bad dream that Izzy is having.
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