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  • Brilliant show. I found TV not much worth watching on the most part, however, I am "stuck"...

    Memorized with this show Burn Notice. My son wants to dress up as Micheal and he should look just like the character Micheal for his next piano recital. Running around looking for aviator glasses and a dark beige suit. We've got the shirt and the personality so far...
  • What a fine actor!

    7 seasons of Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen and i hadnt have enough of him. Terrific actor, charming and athletic, hes the perfect guy for the show and it wont have lasted that long without him. Saw some of his interviews before and he seems like a modest, down-to-earth and easy going guy. Will really miss him as well as the show.
  • Brilliant actor.

    His character in the show Burn Notice named Michael Westen. Michael Westen is a spy who got burned ( fired ) and is trying to figure out who did it and why.

    The show is very well written, and its pretty much down to the actors to make the show "big". Jeffrey plays the lead role and the show wouldnt be the same without him, Michael would be a hard person to act, due to his amazing character in the show.

    Michael adds plenty of humour and action in the Burn Notice series, and has a very unique attitude and style in the show.
  • A great actor who gets to show off his mad skillz in a brilliant show. ;)

    I first encountered a show with Jeffery Donovan waaaaay back when "The Pretender" was still on the air, in the late 90s. Remember Jarod's sociopathic brother Kyle? "I decide who lives and dies." Brilliant for the, what, three, four episodes that he was in?

    Fast forward some years, and then I come across "Burn Notice." It catches my eye and I decide to watch an episode and decide if it's worth the time. My first thought is, "Hey, haven't I seen that guy before?" Followed by "Great googly moogly, this is BRILLIANT." Jeffery Donovan is a terrific actor that oozes charismatic charm and talent. Burn Notice does a wonderful job of showcasing his acting chops; everything from cool spy, crazy punk, an australian, a texan, a nerd and so on. He plays a character that takes on many personas and he's wonderfully entertaining to watch!
  • Soooo talented! it seems like they wrote the caracther just for him.

    He is one of the most versatile actors that I have seen, I really enjoy him in this show, they actually use his chamaleonic talent to the fullest, switching back and forth from a red neck low life, to a pompous street tug; His relationship with his brother is classic, you can see that they love each other, I could, however smack his mother, and Sam is, well, he'll get his own review, I also love the way he interacts with Fiona, there is a lot of chemistry in between them, you can actually feel the sparks, it makes me wonder...
  • Absolutely brilliant!

    I think Jeffrey Donovan is a really incredible actor,he's just great in everything! I've been lucky enough to see him in lots of his movies and tv shows and he's always such great fun to watch.He's an extremely talented actor and is fantastic in any role he plays.He's really terrific as lovely characters and equally great as villains.His characters in Burn Notice & Touching Evil would have to be two of the best ever on tv! I think he's easily one of the very best and most likeable actors around.He just seems to be so effortless that it's like your not watching someone act at all.He's amazing! And he's very handsome and dreamy looking too.I look forward to seeing him in lots more movies and tv shows for many years to come. :)
  • Awesome dude!

    Jeffrey Donovan is an incredible actor. I have only ever seen him act in the show Burn Notice but I still love him as an actor. He play's his parts so well you could actually believe he's a spy. Or a spy whose been burned anyways. The way his character is makes you want to not only know more about Michael Weston but you want to know all about Jeffery Donovan because of how well he acts. If Burn Notice ends which hopefully it doesn't for a really long long time Jeffery Donovan needs to have to another show because his talent can not go to waste.
  • empty

    I think that Jeffrey is one of the greatest actors out there. I love his new show Burn Notice and I can't wait for the new season this summer.
  • Jeffrey Donovan should have been a bigger star than he is now.

    I really do think that Jeffrey Donovan should be a bigger star than he is at this time. I have seen him in a few episodes of some shows but i have never seen him as a main character or a recurring role on a show before the USA network started to air the show Burn Notice. I have to say i do not think i would be a big fan of that show if it was not for Jeffrey Donovan. I have also seen him in an episode of CSI Miami and thought that he did a good job with that character too.
  • Cute as a button, and talented too!

    My introduction to his work began with "Touching Evil", where he played a police detective who had recieved a head injury which altered his personality and left him without shame or restraint. He played the character with a sweetness and straightforward lack of pretense that completely won me over; it would have been so incredably easy to go too far, to play for comedy instead of depth. He walked a tightrope, so to speak. Unfortunately that show was canceled (anyone surprised?) and he moved on. Since then I've kept an eye out for stuff he's in - a good actor might not make a film good, but a bad actor will surely make it bad. If he's in it, I know at least one of the necessary components for a good show is there, and I'm willing to give the rest a shot.
  • Great Actor!

    It seems that lately every show USA puts out turns classic: Monk, Psych, the Closer and now Burn Notice. The main character, Jeffrey Donovan, delivered a wonderful preformance in one of the episodes of Monk, and apperently USA didn't want to cut him loose so quickly. They made a good choice! Donovan brings a wonderful character to live in Burn Notice, not forgetting that he brings he hunk back in action heroes as well! Burn Notice is what recent new shows wish they were, is what they aspire to be, because this show has wonderful actors, and a plot line that can't go wrong.
  • Very talented indeed.

    You have to watch him on 'Burn Notice'. Not only does he pull of the ex-spy flawlessly, he is also called on to play an ex-spy taking on various roles. He pulls all of this off very believably. Some of the highest paid actors today (Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Keanu Reeves come to mind) really only play the same role in every single movie. But Jeffrey can play multiple roles in the same episode and it's all flawless. I can't believe I've never even heard of him before now. He really is a very talented actor. You should check him out in 'Burn Notice' on USA.
  • Great actor

    Although I've only seen him in Burn Notice I can still tell that Jeffrey Donovan is a very good actor. His line delivery is fantastic. His facial expressions are wonderful as well. He is great at interpreting his characters and he transforms them from merely words on a page to something that the viewers can identify with. This makes his shows great fun to watch. I hope Burn Notice has a great run and comes back for another season so we can enjoy his great acting even more!