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  • A great actor who gets to show off his mad skillz in a brilliant show. ;)

    I first encountered a show with Jeffery Donovan waaaaay back when "The Pretender" was still on the air, in the late 90s. Remember Jarod's sociopathic brother Kyle? "I decide who lives and dies." Brilliant for the, what, three, four episodes that he was in?

    Fast forward some years, and then I come across "Burn Notice." It catches my eye and I decide to watch an episode and decide if it's worth the time. My first thought is, "Hey, haven't I seen that guy before?" Followed by "Great googly moogly, this is BRILLIANT." Jeffery Donovan is a terrific actor that oozes charismatic charm and talent. Burn Notice does a wonderful job of showcasing his acting chops; everything from cool spy, crazy punk, an australian, a texan, a nerd and so on. He plays a character that takes on many personas and he's wonderfully entertaining to watch!