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  • Jeffrey Peter Basil Licon currently resides in Downey, California.Was born in Beverly Hospital in Montebello, California.Has 4 sisters: Betsy, Amy, Tiffany and Molly. Second to youngest of 5 children. Loves to paint.

    Jeffrey Licon is so cute.He is really talented. I love his hair. I like him on The brothers Garcia. He is a great actor. I saw a bunch of his movies. I like his role in Bring him home. I wtached Mysterious Skin, he had a small role but I liked it.When I first saw him on The Brothers Garcia I couldn't stop talking about him. I wish I had an accurate email address to email him though. When ever he has a movie that comes out, I look it up and see where I can get it. I love him!!!!
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    i love him!!!! he was so cute on the brothers garcia!!!