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  • La Bomba

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 15 - 1/25/05

    Sipowicz and Clark arrive on the scene of a car bombing. The victim's daughter, Elizabeth Keenan, is on the scene and she addresses the detectives in a very cool businesslike manner when answering their questions and giving them information about her father. Back at the squad they run the case by Bale and Munson; the Feds, the DA and the Chief of Detectives is interested because of a possible terrorist implication of the bomb. The other detectives break up the list of past and present employees of Brett Keenan's company to checkout; meanwhile Murphy and Ortiz are sent off to a homicide in an alley. Their victim is Garrett Tinsley, a 17-year-old boy from a private school. The man who found the body tells them that the victim was a real asshole. Medavoy and Jones interview Phil Beckett, one of the former employees of Brett Keenan's company. He appears successful and indicates that he left the company on good terms. He tells them about Keenan's trouble with a bodyguard on a trip to Colombia last year. For any follow-up questions, he gives them his cell phone number where he is reachable 24 hours a day. Murphy and Ortiz interview Garrett Tinsley's parents, who tell them that their son did smoke pot. They also find out that the maid's son has his tuition to the private school paid for by the Tinsleys an idea they cite as being one of Garrett's. Jones comes up with the name of the bodyguard that Brett Keenan had trouble with in Colombia. Sipowicz and Clark go out and pickup the well armed bodyguard for questioning. Murphy and Ortiz talk with the headmaster of the private school and he tells them about their zero-tolerance drug policy and also comes forth with a story about Garret's indiscretion with another female student named Quinnie Stein. The bodyguard admits to knowing how to make explosives but that he was fired for sleeping with Elizabeth Keenan. No big deal, 1-2-3 he gets another job. Murphy and Ortiz interview Quinnie Stein, the girl who had inappropriate sexual behavior with Garrett. When pressed that they are going to begin digging into the past of everyone Garrett ever knew, she admits to that inappropriate behavior and also tells them that Garrett got his pot from someone named Serge. They go to Serge's apartment and while Ortiz questions him, Murphy noses around until she finds his "botanical garden" of marijuana plants. Elizabeth Keenan comes in for questioning and Sipowicz and Clark ask her about her relationship with the bodyguard. They want to ask her about the employees on the list, but she is more interested in who knew about the bodyguard. They tell her it was Phil Beckett and she tells them that he was one of the first to go when her father was clearing out the "deadwood." The detectives go to Phil Beckett's home where they meet his wife and convince her that they need to get into the garage to find some old business records. Clark finds a substance that could be used to make a bomb. They tell Mrs. Beckett that they haven't been able to get hold of her husband, he's not answering any of phones and that she is going to need to come with them to the precinct. Back at the squad, Murphy and Ortiz begin their interview of Serge who tells the pot was being used for medical purposes. When given a deal, Serge admits to fronting Garrett five pounds of pot a month, which he was holding portions of in Javier Garcia's locker at school. Quinnie Stein comes back to the squad to admit to Murphy and Ortiz that she held back information about Garrett getting her pregnant and the subsequent abortion she had received, with the assistance of the Tinsley's maid, Inez Garcia. Murphy and Ortiz go to the Tinsley home and interview Inez Garcia about her son's suspension, his relationship with Garrett and her participation in the abortion. Ortiz stresses to her that she is going to need to find her son and bring him in; otherwise they have to consider him a fugitive. Bale advises Sipowicz and Clark that they should have gotten a warrant before searching the garage, having consent would probably not hold up in court. Sipowicz reminds him that before the search they had nothing, but now they have something and Bale reminds them that they better get a confession. Sipowicz, Clark and Munson convince Mrs. Beckett that her husband might be in danger and that she needs to help them find her husband. She calls her husband's cell phone, while they locate his signal. They track Phil Beckett down, only to find that the seemingly successful businessman driving a cab. Inez Garcia brings her son in and Ortiz and Murphy have a talk with him. Javier admits to hitting Garrett, after telling the detectives how Garrett had been treating him as an employee, but what angered him more was the way Garrett had been treating his mother, a woman who raised him all his life (more so than his own parents did). Sipowicz and Clark talk with Phil Beckett, who tells them he is driving a cab to pick up on the trends. When presented with the fact that they now know he made the bomb, Beckett admits to it, but cites his wife's health concern and Keenan's unwillingness to help as his motivation. Clark waits for Munson to finish taking Beckett's statement. After he takes Beckett to central booking and she goes home to feed the cat they get together for some Chinese take out and some "Herro."moreless
  • Paranoia

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 16 - 2/22/99

    A rumor is going around school that Lucy's former boyfriend, Jimmy Moon, is abusing drugs. The Camdens urge Lucy to stay away from him, especially after he is busted on school grounds, but she gets a lot more than she bargained for as she becomes desperate to help him. Meanwhile, Ruthie hatches a diabolical plan to keep Matt and his girlfriend apart, and Simon hopes that a good word from athletic Mary will help him land a spot on the baseball team.moreless
  • The Sock-Her Boys

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 4 - 10/15/94

    Georgie bets her soccer team can beat a boys team. However, it turns out that one of the boys' coaches happens to be one the paper's advertisers.
  • Love in the Afternoon

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 16 - 4/18/94

    John and Georgie suddenly have the urge to light each other's fire, but houseguests are constantly around them and they are afraid to do it.
  • The Sons of Sissy-Whatsis

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 12 - 2/2/94

    Dual camping trips for John, Billy and several wimpy boys. While the other consists of Georgie, Madeline and "bad" girls.
  • It's a Totally Happening Life

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 16 - 12/16/92

    In a nod to It's a Wonderful Life, two guardian angels, Clarence and Miriam, watch over the gang and protect them from a bus crash that threatens to kill them all. Meanwhile, Andrea gets accepted to Yale, Cindy catches Brandon and Nikki in bed, and Dylan is ordered to choose between Brenda and Kelly by New Year's Eve.moreless