Jeffrey Pierce

Jeffrey Pierce


12/13/1971, Denver, Colorado, USA

Birth Name

Jeffrey Douglas Plitt


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Born Jeffrey Douglas Plitt in Denver, Colorado and raised in Arlington, Virginia. Although he was raised mostly in Virginia he remains is a huge Denver Broncos fan. He married actress Kirstin Carlstrand, in August 2000. Jeffrey is best know for his role as bank robber Randall Reese on…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In May 2008 Jeffrey finished filming a starring role in the movie Alphonso Bow.

    • He is the only American actor on his series Charlie Jade, which is filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.

    • Jeffrey and his wife, Kristin, have a pibull/rottweiller mutt named Lucy.

    • In 2003 directed and executive produced a film called All My Sins Remembered, that was written by his wife, Kristin.

    • Jeffrey studied acting at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts with Tina Packer and at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with Jeffrey Tambor and Milton Katselas.

  • Quotes

    • Jeffrey: (On shooting a TV show in South Africa)
      It was incredible. Africa is a place where everyone has the biggest hearts and the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. It was an incredible experience and difficult to leave when I left, and still when I think about South Africa it just gives me chills because it was a really incredible personal experience beyond shooting a TV show.

    • Jeffrey: My own personal taste for SciFi goes along the lines of Blade Runner, Children of Men – I think that those are two incredibly powerful science fiction neo-noirs.

    • (on whether he was into sci-fi before "Charlie Jade")
      Jeffrey: I think everybody for my generation grew up on Star Wars. Like most kids of the late '70s I got my first dose of philosophy from the Star Wars saga and was intrigued and compelled by that as a kid in a pretty profound way.

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    Hi, I just wanted to say that I miss Jeffrey on the TV and was wondering when he might be back. Does he know that following one of his photos to a link leads one to a gay porno site? It was quite a surprise when I went to the link and found the site. Thought he should know. I really like the reruns of Charlie Jade and have been watching them all day on the SciFi channel. It is just as good now as it was when it aired. Is Jeffrey going to do more tv series or guest spots on other shows. He is one terrific Actor and a very hunky looking guy. They don't come any more masculine than him. Very nice to look at and he can really act. Will be glad to see him back on the tube one of these day in a weekly series. Need to get my weekly dose of Jeffrey.moreless