Jeffrey Sebelia

Jeffrey Sebelia


5/30/1970, Los Angeles, CA

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  • Jeffrey Sebelia from Project Runway, Sea...
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Jeffrey got his start in the fashion world by sewing patches onto motorcycle jackets for the members of his dad's Hell's Angels chapter in San Bernadino. His years as a nearly-homeless teenager instilled a creativity and resourcefulness in him not easily found elsewhere, and his designs eventually reached…more


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    • Jeffrey: I get approached on the street now every single day, several times a day, by every walk of life. Housewives, young people, old people, cops, construction workers. Everyone says they loved the show and really enjoyed it. At the end of the day people love to express themselves through their clothing. And a little drama doesn't hurt.

    • Jeffrey : I've grown to love fashion, namely John Galliano, Comme Des Garcons, Vivienne Westwood, Ann Demeulemeester, Junya Watanabe, Rick Owens, and Yohji Yamamoto.

    • Jeffrey: What I hope to create are clothes for those who relate to freedom, rebellion, creation, and self-expression. What it might look like if the world were dressed in slightly mind-bending colors and shapes, smartly designed prêt-a-porter and then experienced an apocalypse.

  • He was by far my favorite on Project Runway season three. And he rightfully won first place!

    Jeffrey is amazingly talented. At first I think he started off kind of rocky, but he got better and better as the show went on. I loved his recycling dress, his couture gown, and his final runway show. He may have been the "villian" but hey, who doesn't love a bad boy? He said the most hilarious things, and even though he fought with most of the other designers, he obviously was very close with the others. He seemed very tough, but after hearing his inspiring story, and seeing him with his son, we were able to see a softer side of him. I think he definitely deserved to win, and hope he is very successful in the future.moreless
  • Jeffrey Sebelia was the winner in season three of Project Runway. Jeffrey is the best designer so far, even after watching season four, which is on the air now. I love the show. Good luck to the finalists of season four.moreless

    Jeffrey is one of the most talented designers on Project runway so far in its four seasons. He is honest and passionate about his craft. He is more than just a trend setter for the rich and famous. His designs can be worn by both women and men who love to make a statment wheather it be in a pair of jeans or a ball gown. Keep your dream alive Jeffrey and don't worry about those who look down at you. You have a gift that other designers wish they had. Waiting to see your "LINE" in the shops soon.moreless