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Welsh-born Jeffrey Thomas graduated from both Liverpool and Oxford universities and has been a writer and actor for over 20 years. As an actor he has worked in film and television in New Zealand, Australia and the UK with leading roles in series like the BBC's Bowen A'i…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jeffrey narrated several videos for Natural History New Zealand, including Himalaya and Menacing Waters.

    • In 1996, Jeffrey was the presenter of a non-broadcast video titled "Understanding the Law" for Legal Resources Trust/NZ.

    • Jeffrey's theatre credits include:
      (2012) All My Sons, Circa Theatre, dir. Susan Wilson
      (2011) August: Osage County "Charlie Aiken", Circa Theatre Wellinton, dir. Susan Wilson
      (2010) Mauritius, Circa Theatre, dir. Ross Jolly
      (2005) The Cherry Orchard "Lopakhin" Circa Theatre, Wellington, Dir Susan Wilson
      (2000) Art "Marc" Circa Theatre, Wellington
      (2000) The Seagull Circa Theatre, Wellington
      (1999) How I Learned To Drive Circa Theatre, Wellington
      (1999) Closer Auckland Theatre Company
      (1998) An Unseasonable Fall of Snow Downstage Theatre, Wellington
      (1997) Vatslav Unity Theatre, Wellington
      (1997) The Toledo Room Downstage Theatre, Wellington
      (1997) The Balcony Downstage Theatre, Wellington
      (1995) The Masterbuilder Circa Theatre, Wellington
      (1994) Someone Who'll Watch Over Me Auckland Theatre Company
      (1992) Death & the Maiden Downstage Theatre, Wellington
      (1982) Einstein Circa Theatre, Wellington
      (1978) Achoo Stagetruck, Wellington
      (1978) The Adventures of Breeze Stagetruck, Wellington
      (1978) Cowboy Downstage Theatre, Wellington
      (1978) Pigland Prophet Circa Theatre, Wellington

    • When filming the Hercules episode, "The Wedding of Alcmene", Jeffrey admits that he was a little scared being suspended with a safety harness 10 feet off the ground. He says that Christopher Reeve's accident keep going through his mind.

    • Jeffrey says his proudest accomplishment is having built a doll house for his daughter for her 12th birthday.

    • There is a ritual on the set of Jeffreys's show Mercy Peak that when a person's temper gets the better of him he is given a handbag to throw on the floor and kick about. Then they have to carry it with them for the next ten minutes as penance and warning to others. Jeffrey was given the handbag more than once.

    • Mercy Peak co-star Craig Parker said of Jeffrey, "Jeff [who plays his father, William Kingsley] just does things so beautifully. He had a level of performance I aspired to."

    • The play An Unseasonable Fall of Snow by Cary Henderson was commissioned in 1998 for the International Arts Festival in Wellington, and Jeffrey played both lead roles of Arthur and Liam.

    • Jeffrey wrote a script for Marlin Bay which was nominated for the "Best TV Script" award at the NZ Film and TV Awards.

    • In 1991, Jeffrey was nominated for "Best Actor" for Sound and the Silence at the New Zealand Film & Television Awards.

    • Jeffrey is 6'0" (183cm) tall, with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

    • Jeffrey narrates the New Zealand nature show Wild Asia.

    • The producers of Mercy Peak auctioned off the opportunity to have an acting role alongside Jeffrey in a Mercy Peak episode to raise money for a children's charity.

    • In 2003, Jeffrey won "Best Actor" at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards for his role of Dr William Kingsley on the show Mercy Peak. In 2002, Jeffrey was also nominated for the same award, but did not win. The show itself was nominated for "Best Drama" and "Best Episode" for both years.

    • In 2005 Jeffrey was nominated for two Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards for the play The Cherry Orchard. He was nominated for "Outstanding Performance" and for "Actor of the Year".

    • Jeffrey is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

  • Quotes

    • Jeffrey: I like the physical side of acting, but most modern dramas are set in an office.

    • Jeffrey: I started acting on a whim and found I loved it.

    • Jeffrey: (when asked to compare working on "Hercules" and "Dark Knight") They're quite similar. Hercules is more lavish and better paid and shot on 35mm as opposed to the 16mm on which Dark Knight is shot. Technically this makes quite a big difference but in terms of the work an actor does there's virtually no difference.

    • Jeffrey: (on his role of Mordour in "Dark Knight") I was attracted by the prospect of having a lot of acting to do and I rather enjoy acting.

    • Jeffrey: (on making a TV show) There's a lot of waiting around, a lot of inertia. Then boof. It doesn't matter what kind of scene you're doing, you have to be ready to do it at a few seconds' notice. That's the craft.

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