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Jeffrey Weissman

Jeffrey Weissman

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Jeffrey Weisman
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  • I think he's a nut...but very talented. 'will blow you away with improv and scripted, he makes the written character breathe.

    Here's what he's been up to since '04 from his blog:

    I have had a lot on my plate as of late. I remain a busy maniac teaching theater to 36 5 to 13 year old kids and a college class for would be teachers to use theater games in their classes, some directing, acting, music trading, hosting events, playing "Pulcinella" in an on-going comedia del Arte show at the Purple Onion first Saturday of every month in SF, I've been doing some acting in industrials and appearing at fairs.

    (Some day I'll figure out what I want to do for a living.)

    Last Saturday I was in LA, where I appeared with Claudia Wells at a BttF fan’s birthday party at Universal. Visit with Nick & Spence, and party with February B-day pals up at the Green Man.

    This week I'm MC-ing the tsunami relief fundraiser Wednesday in SF

    On Air Auction Hosting at KRCB Thursday in Rhonert Park

    Playing Stan Laurel at a Raley’s opening in Sacramento Friday

    And on Saturday, I play a Venetian Carnival character at the Fairmont

    And then the comedia later in the eve.

    Next, I start rehearsals for a show called [sic] in Santa Rosa, and I may have as many as 3 or 4 films appearing at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival. (Keep your fingers crossed), What else? I've booked an appearance with my 3 Stooges team at a minor league baseball game in Kentucky in July.

    I need to make a few local friends that like to hang out on the farm.

    Well, almost a year since my first blog on this thang...here's what 2005 I've been up to:

    Besides working as Feste in "12th Night" for Sonoma Rep, Theo in "[sic]" for Sonoma Actors' Theater (at the new 6th St Playhouse), playing Touchstone the fool and Pulchinella at the Heart of the Forest Renaissance Fairs and Alfred Jingle from Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers at the Dickens Christmas Fair, teaching theater games at the South San Francisco Library to middle school aged kids and Comedia del arte at Sonoma State University, I have been working on several local film productions:

    "Corked" a wickedly funny "mockumentary" (alla Christopher Guest's "Best In Show" meets Alexander Payne's "Sideways") shot in the wine country by offspring filmmakers, Ross Clendenen and Paul Hawley of two highly regarded wine making families.

    "Return to Sender", Ravi Malhota's short feature about a dead father getting his dying wish to the daughter he never knew. returntosenderthemovie.com/

    "Night Fliers"; local San Francisco indie director, Sara St Martin's tale about a young girl's struggle with her coming of age and her sexuality.

    "Christ Throws A Party"; Santa Rosa director, Ron Shilling's strange existential tirade on justice for all.


    Christopher Columbus's "Rent", in the "La Boheme" number scene.

    and a fun cameo in Chris Wolf and Nick Fumia and Ben Rehki's "Car Babes" shot down in Los Gatos:


    And finally after a few years in post, the screening of SF director/producer Colin Hebert's "Weed" (which has been re-titled "Slapdash" ) , went over very well with the audience.


    Also, after 7 years, my cameo as Groucho in "Angels With Angles" has had a screening and has disappeared..Frank Gorshen & Rodney Dangerfield's last film appearences.


    I've just been cast as the specialist Dr.Ball in David Martin's "Hat's Off" his autobiographical story of his fight with cancer as a kid. We'll be shooting soon, and I hope to be shooting Susan Boyer's teen comedy; "Spin The Bottle" in Santa Rosa this spring.


    and my imdb site: