Jemaine Clement

Jemaine Clement


1/10/1974, Masterton, New Zealand

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Jemaine Clement


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He is best known for being half of the comedy duo Flight of the Conchords with Bret McKenzie. The pair also star in their own TV show of the same name.


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    • Jemaine: ( about making a Flight of the Conchords movie) With Flight of the Conchords? Uh? I don't think so. Maybe I'll do something that is a musical, but not anything that has to do with the Conchords. No.

    • Jemaine: Well, I guess I can relate to getting beat up, and things like that. In a way. I know that when I talk to someone I want to impress, I talk completely different than I would normally. And sometimes I'm colder or ruder than I would naturally be. Because I'm trying to seem excited or vulnerable. I guess, it's a big reaction. Something like that.

    • Jemaine: I haven't hung out in a lot of gaming shops. But in studying the character, I went into a lot of these gaming shops, and listened to the way they talk. You known that animal party in the first part of the film? He's sort of the coolest guy there, Jarrod is. The people I would meet in these video game stores talked just like that. He's a guy who might be thirty surrounded by eleven year olds. And they are the same in the realm.

    • Jemaine: There are sometimes things that one of us doesn't find funny but we try anyway.

    • Jemaine: Ireland and New Zealand. They mostly look exactly the same, there's sheep all over both of the countries and they're hassling us about having sheep. It's really weird. We get a little bit of that in Australia

    • Jemaine: A new comedy night was starting in Wellington.

    • Jemaine: In New Zealand we are famous for being famous in America.

    • Jemaine: We usually think of F O the C as our side project but this year it is overtaking our main projects. I am working on some animated shorts. They centre around some sheep who work together eating grass. I'm also chipping away at a vampire film.