Jemima Rooper

Jemima Rooper


10/24/1981, Hammersmith, London, England, UK

Birth Name

Jemima Rooper



Also Known As

Jemma Rooper
  • The cast of BBC's Reunited (UK) pilot
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Jemima attended Redcliffe Primary School in Chelsea, London. She developed a passion for the dramatic at an early age and knew she wanted to be an actor. Her mother Alison Rooper trained actors, and she knew it was a hard life that she didn't want her daughter getting…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Two years after As If ended, Rooper is teamed up again with Paul Chequer in their new series Sinchronicity.

    • Jemima is 5'3" (160 cm) tall.

    • She revealed she's been approached by several women since playing lesbian Thelma in the TV show Hex.

    • Away from acting, Jemima's interests include attending the theatre, watching films, animals, music, dancing, reading and singing. Her mother says she "has an amazing voice."

    • Jemima attended the Godolphin and Latymer school from 1993 to 1998 and obtained nine GCSEs (4xA* and 5xA).

    • At the tender age of just eight years old, she wrote her first letter to a theatrical agent and handed it to her mother to post on her behalf !

  • Quotes

    • Jemima Rooper: (on 'Thelma') She comes back as a ghost, which can have its advantages. For one thing, Thelma can eat as much as she wants to without putting on weight!

    • Jemima Rooper: (on lesbian kisses as 'Thelma' on Hex) It was really nice not to have to worry about having to kiss a male actor, like does he think I fancy him? Or all the kinds of things that go through your head when you have to kiss a guy on camera.

    • Jemima Rooper: (on playing 'Nicki' in As If) It was kind of my first role as a young woman, so it was nice to get to wear make-up and high heels.

    • Jemima Rooper: I remember writing 'I want to act' on my bed in lipstick. I think I told my mum I wanted to be an actress and she said I needed an agent to do that. I must have said: 'Well, I'm going to get one' - and I think that's why. She was devastated. She said: 'Please don't be an actress, be a doctor or lawyer.' But I was very tunnel-visioned about it all. I'm an only child and I spent a lot of time alone. I played a lot of imaginary games. I just wanted to dress up and be weird, I suppose.

    • Jemima Rooper: (on Hex) I loved the opening of this episode – I think it's my favourite sequence. It was great to get a fresh storyline and lovely working with Laura Donnelly (Maya) who was always as hungover as me! In fact the beginning of the episode was shot at a beautiful pub on a hot summer's day and Laura, Joe Beattie (Malachi) and I all lazed about – it was very pleasant!

    • Jemima Rooper: (on Hex) It's been so much fun doing scenes with Jamie [Davis] at last, although he's been difficult to work with – he keeps making me laugh! It was especially nice as we were good mates on series one but had no scenes together. Gradually over the series I get to act with more and more people.

    • Jemima Rooper: (talking about an episode of Hex) This episode was shot by a different director, Andy Goddard. He had some great "Thelma" ideas, although it must have been a bit weird for him as we were all so used to each other by then. Jamie, Laura and I were very badly behaved during this episode as we had lots of 3 Musketeer-style scenes and there was lots of messing around and laughing at our own jokes. Andy also got us ad-libbing a lot which was probably a mistake since we'd end up in fits of giggles.

    • Jemima Rooper: Josh [Harnett] is absolutely gorgeous and very nice. I definitely fancied him and I think he fancied me. But then Scarlett [Johansson] turned up. It could have been me, I'm gutted.

    • Jemima Rooper: I heard Scarlett [Johannson] was very distressed when she saw my blonde wig. She thought she was the only blonde in the film.

  • Jamima Ropper is an attractive and beautiful women, In my personal opinion should have been a much more bigger star. "I love you Jamima Rooper"

    Jamima Rooper has been my personal favored english actor since my first bebut of her in action on hit supernatural show Hex on Skyone. Then on I suggested that I would get some info on her, such as castings and movies and etc......

    I later found out that myself was some-what attracted to her beauty. She was first female english actor that I had an crush on "Uhm then again their was Laura Pyper which ecoheinitly become my first english actor crush, while watching Hex on Skyone. Their is not one thing to love about Jamima Ropper, She has beauty, Charm, Flair, and attitude.moreless