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  • Well, not really talentless, I chose that because they didn't have a classification that I thought would best suit her. That classification would be Idiotic Bimbo or Dumb Blonde(I had trouble choosing only one).

    You know, I really cannot believe this woman sometimes. She goes from being the girlfriend/'fiancee' of Andrew Firestone to an ex and shows up again on the Bachelorette to find herself a new man. Jeez, you'd think by now she'd start to do it the way the most of us do it, by going out and meeting new people and whatnot. Apparently the ligther streaks of blonde in her hair(the highlights)must have finally seeped through to her brain. She just seems to be another one of those attention-getting whores. You know what's even sadder than the fact of her own blatant stupidity? It's the fact that she unfairly labeled one of the contestants as a 'stalker' because he asked her about her likes/dislikes and needs/wants. He liked her and just wanted to know more about her. I'd actually feel sorry for her if he was physically stalking her and causing her harm, but since her brain capacity must be slightly diminished since she has trouble differentiating between an actual stalker and someone who just wants to know a little more about someone, I don't. Jen, I think you should start wearing a hat when you go out into the sun more often, oh, and don't call someone a 'stalker' if the only crime the seem to have committed by you is wanting to know more about you. She wouldn't know a stalker if one walked right up and bit her in the ass!