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    • In the summer of 2004, Jen was introduced as the next 'Bachelorette' for the show's third season.

    • Jen and her boss Billy Dec of Rockit Bar and Grill officially called it quits in early July of 2005.

    • Jen worked as an account executive for Getty Images, a photography agency, during her run on 'The Bachelor'. She now works for Rockit Bar & Grill in Chicago and does some event planning for various organizations.

    • Jen dated Bill Rancic, the winner of the first "Apprentice", and was seen in the crowd during the show's season finale. Coincidentally, Bill applied to be "The Bachelor" before applying to be "The Apprentice".

    • Jen was the winning bachelorette for the third season of ABC's "The Bachelor" falling in love with millionaire, Andrew Firestone.

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