Jenah Doucette

Jenah Doucette


Farmington, Connecticut

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Jenah is a contestant on America's Next Top Model Cycle 9. Her occupation is student. She is 18-years-old.


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  • She won my vote. She should've won.

    What could've costed her the win was probably the attitude and cockiness. She was so strong from the start and like Kahlen, she didn't look like a model in the panel and in person, but her photos prove that she is strong. When she was called in bottom 3 or so, I think she let it all get to her. She's the youngest of the final 3. I really, in my opinion, liked her. She won a Ki Pao and shared it with Chantal which is nice for Chantal was nice too. Jenah deserved better. Her breaking in tears just made her stronger. she'll do well. Love you Jenah!moreless
  • Should've won!!!

    Jenah should have totally won Cycle 9. She wasn't one of my favorites toward the beginning because I didn't see anything special in her but that all changed by the second or third episode. She became my favorite because she took great pictures, she had this unique pretty, and I loved her personality. The judges seemed to dislike her personality but they liked her pictures, they even accused her of "making fun of Covergirls" which was stupid! I thought she did great in her commercial and I was absolutely positive she was going to end up in the final two but no! she gets sent home even after the dumb judges make her break down.moreless