Jenette Goldstein





2/4/1960 , Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Jenette Elise Goldstein




L.A. born-and-bred Jenette Goldstein was competitive gymnast and iron pumper before she decided to become an actress. She studied acting and trained in theatre in both New York and London. In 1985 Goldstein lived in Hackney, Britain, was married to Englishman, had a British Equity (actors' union) card and did a "struggling actor stuff". As she answered an ad in the local trades, the last thing she thought she would do an action film. The ad read simply, "Genuine American actors, British Equity, for feature film, ALIENS, 20th Century Fox". Goldstein had seen ALIEN, but she had no idea this was a sequel and thought the film would be about immigrants. Since she didn't have an agent at the time, she answered the ad on her own and came to audition wearing high heels, lot of makeup and waist-length hair while other auditioners were clad in military fatigues. She was going up for tiny part of a marine who got killed early on, but since that role was tiny and hadn't many lines, she was given the second lead to read for producer Gale Ann Hurd and director James Cameron. "He was crawling around on the office floor with a little hand-held camera while I was running around". Before meeting Goldstein James Cameron thought about casting a body-builder who could act a little. Goldstein filled the vacancy, became Vasquez and broke new grounds for screen images of strong women. Actress' physical fitness helped, but her appearance was changed radically: her fair skin was bronzed over, blue eyes were concealed by brown lenses, long red hair were dyed and buzzed. "The makeup took an hour. The makeup woman said I had the most ornery freckles she had ever seen." Her first audition became an inside joke among the actors and finally made it to the screen in Bill Paxton's line "she thought they said 'illegal aliens' and signed up..." Pumped-up tough gal Vasquez won Goldstein not only Saturn Award as the best supporting actress but also love and recognition of sci-fi fans all over the world. Soon after the movie premiere in the USA producers called Goldstein in London to invite her to Hollywood: "You've got to come over, people are just going crazy for this character". The catch was that the role of Vasquez virtually sucked up the best Goldstein could give to the screen. After ALIENS she appeared in supporting roles in NEAR DARK, LETHAL WEAPON-2, THE PRESIDIO, FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS as well as in two Cameron movies - TERMINATOR-2 and TITANIC (in blink-and-you-miss-her role of an Irish immigrant - obviously a tribute to her first fateful audition). She also works at L.A. theatre (in 1993 she told EMPIRE reporter she was rehearsing "a really wild version of Sophocles' ELECTRA). But nothing she does is likely to strike the chord with the same resonance as Vasquez - Goldstein's first and most remembered role.