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Jenn Forgie

Jenn Forgie


Vancouver, British Columbia

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Jenn Forgie is a Canadian voice actress, primarily known for her anime roles on InuYasha and Ranma 1/2. She is usually casted in a role of a homosexual or a young lady.


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  • All this time and Jenn Forgie has no reviews...guess it was meant for me to write one about her!:shock:

    Jenn Forgie I think did a good job of being Nazz's voice for Season Three! Since there is no photos of Jenn Forgie I don't know what she looks like...but I do know she sounds talented and a cool person! The cartoon character of Nazz is beautiful too. Ed, Edd 'n Eddy has benn running for a while and is it still going? Maybe its having a break...anyways Jenn Forgie was born in vancouver, British Columbia and her most recent role was the nurse in Bionic Woman! Thats cool how there's a lot of English/british related voice actors there are in this Nazz and voice actor I think was a good match in Season Three! Not much else I can think of saying...Sorry about not so many words but at least its better than nothing!:)moreless