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  • Jeepers! She's the ultimate!

    Wow is all I can say. This gal is absolutely fantastic. I saw her as Natalie/Ed in 'All Shook Up' and couldn't get enough of her. I was really bummed when Tarzan closed a few weeks before I got back to NYC...I would have loved to see her in another musical. Also, I am a huge Hairspray fan, and since she played Brenda, who's nine month leave from the Corny Collins show gives Tracy her position, is just icing on the cake. When she sings 'Ska Doodle Doo Doo Wah' at the end of (It's) Hairspray, it is amazing. She can have so much power and sing so high. It's astonishing. Also, Brenda is my second favorite character in Hairspray all because of the way that Jenn played her. With the gagging, and throwing up, and everything. It made me want to watch her throughout the whole play...and I did just that. I seriously hope I can see her in another musical soon. Jennifer Gambatese is one of the all time greatest actresses! One of my favorite too (next to Laura Bell Bundy and Kerry Butler). Jenn is magnificantly wonderful!!!