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  • This biatch will burn!

    I fucking hate Jenn! She is the biggest whore I have ever hated. Fucking skank, I would seriously kill her if I ever met her. I wouldn't even rate her a 0, but did!I curse those who like ehr too. It's a goddamn blessing that her and Bam aren't together anymore..... ugly ass tramp. Burn in hell, Jenn Rivell!

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  • dude she's hot wit a fat ass

    whut do u mean man she's hot as hell wit a fat ass. ide do her in a second even if bam bam was watching. she's not a wanna be she's just there in the house while there filming... its not like she is a certain character... they just puta camara in there and just let them do stupid things. but jenn is hot as hell.
  • Jenn Rivell is not atractive.

    why is she constantly on "viva la bam" she does nothing but stand she is completly talentless a wanna be celeberty. Bam what are you thinking she 6 years older than you thats gross? I dont understand why she is included in the cast of the show she is more like an extra.