Jenna Dewan





12/3/1980 , Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

Jenna Lee Dewan




Born in Hartford, Conneticut to Nancy Smith and Darryl Dewan, Jenna grew up in Dallas, Texas. Never the shy child, Jenna discovered her love of dancing at age 5, and began taking dance immediately.

During her teenage years, Jenna agressively pursued her dance career, winning numerous scholarships and awards. Jenna attended college at the University of Southern California, and she was simultaneously booking dancing roles in music videos from artists such as Mandy Moore and Toni Braxton. But things changed dramatically when Jenna was cast in Janet Jackson's video, Doesn't Really Matter. Shortly following the video, Jenna was asked to tour with Janet, and Jenna left USC to follow her dreams.

Jenna is currently pursuing more acting roles that range from tv movies like Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal, tv roles like Bunny Janie on The Playboy Cluband movie roles such as Step Up.