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    • Jenna: (on the 1960's and the Playboy Club) In the sixties, and it was a sign of the times, it was not a popular thing for women to put men in their place. And these bunnies did. If anyone got touchy feely or said sarcastic things to them, they were the first ones to put them in their place. If it escalated, the men would get thrown out. I find it really fun to play, and I also find it really interesting that nowadays we take that for granted.

    • Jenna: (on critic's reaction to those that were Playboy Bunnies) I don't really understand why that's such a problem for people. They weren't prostitutes, they weren't having sex. They were trying to buy houses and go to college, and make money for themselves and pay for their kids and their families. This was a very important job for them and an important time period. This was when women didn't have choices.

    • Jenna: (on preparing for her role as Playboy Bunny Janie) We did a lot of research: I watched three documentaries, I read two books, and I definitely needed it because obviously I wasn't around of the 60s, and so I really needed to learn a lot about that era and about my character and this world of the Playboy Club, which I knew nothing about.

    • Jenna: (on learning the proper poses for a Playboy Bunny) We had a four-hour class and you'd think with a dance background I'd get it right away, but it's very specific. You have to arch your back and lean in a certain degree, and we had a woman there that was teaching us. If we didn't do it right she was like, 'Nope, not right – Do it again!

    • Jenna: (on donning the iconic Playboy Bunny uniform) As soon as you put it on you feel empowered, you feel sexy and you feel womanly. There are very few things I've worn in my life that I can say make me feel more like a woman.

    • Jenna: (on the Playboy Bunny uniform) Like it or hate it, the Playboy bunny is iconic. I think it's a beautiful, sexy, womanly outfit. I also believe that by today's standards, we are wearing a lot more clothing than most bathing suits and bikinis out there!

    • Jenna: (on the reaction to The Playboy Club) People are overreacting. Most of the feminists giving us problems haven't even seen the show. I would like for them to actually watch and then state their opinion at least. I'm proud of how we portray women. They're not weak, they're not victimized. We're in control of ourselves and of the situation at all times.

    • Jenna: It was amazing. I started dance when I was five years old and danced pretty much throughout my life. Then at age sixteen, an agent – a dance agent from LA, actually – found me and asked if I went to LA if he could represent me. I said sure. So, right at eighteen I moved to LA and started auditioning. I went to college as well, I went to USC. I was auditioning dance-wise and just started booking work. Booked the Janet Jackson tour and was gone… And that was where my life took me in the beginning. (laughs)

    • Jenna: (on the movie 'Tamara') My agent sent it to me for an audition. I read it and I loved the fact that to play Tamara you had to play two different characters. Not only two different characters, but completely different sides of the spectrum – the poor, picked on, unattractive girl and the vixen, the revenge-filled powerful woman. I knew it would be a challenge and I was really excited. And I always kind of wanted to do a horror movie, so I was excited about that. I really like the character of Tamara.

    • Jenna: I'm about 50/50 when it comes to technology. I can check my email and search for stuff, but if I hear we're on this and this and this site, then I need an exact link to get there otherwise I'm going to get lost.