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  • Jenna, how many chances is this chick going to get?

    Dharma and Greg was a terrible show and she was the worst thing on it.. She was not "quirky" she was annoying. IF the show was focused on Greg's parents instead of a loud mouth know it all, it could have been great. Greg's father was hilarious and his Mom was sexier than Dharma. Now she has a new show, again, and I am just as sure that it will flop as I am that she will get another show after it for some reason. Why are some stars allowed to fail over and over, like Jenna, Christina Applegate, and Matthew Perry, while more taltented people, like Norm Macdonald and the whole cast of Community seem to just fade away? Go to Hell Jenna Elfman, and take Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea Handler , and the mom from Malcom in the Middle with you.
  • Great on Dharma and Greg.

    Like her in the movie EDTV.
  • Only Dharma gave her fame

    Jenna Elfman,
    Not know for doing alot. She best know for her work on sitcoms not the best but alot of sitcomes. Most people know her from her work on Dharma and Greg. I thought she was great on that show and i was sad when it ended even though it was my favorite show. After wards she didnt have the great carrer. Starring in failurs such Couritng Alex which started off strong before it failed because of CBS. I saw her in looney tunes back in actions. I hated her there while the movie sucks i still think she still works great on tv.
  • jenna elfman is so cool

    i dont know why she isnt a bigger star she got looks talent character i think she is one of the all time greats i dont know why people dont realize it yet she will be a better star in the future i can see it whe will and she will rule other tv shows