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    • Jenna Fischer: My favorite on-screen moment has to be when John and I filmed our dinner scene on the roof during "The Client". There was a very small crew up on the roof and they had the cameras really far away. There was a warm breeze and Rainn and Brian were off in the distance setting off really lame fireworks. The whole thing just felt magical. I also love anytime I get to do a party planning scene. Angela, Phyllis and Kate are all so funny. We laugh a lot during those scenes. They are so subtle and passive/aggressive. I love it! My favorite off-screen moment is probably our weekly viewing parties. We have such a great time watching the show together. We cheer for the writer and congratulate cast members for particularly funny bits in the show. Oh, runner-up for best off-screen moment would be how much John made us all laugh when we were filming "The Fire". We had to stand outside in the heat for hours but he made us laugh by doing imitations of Angela getting carried away by a giant bug. It was pretty great.