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    • Jenna: You have to be willing to open yourself up, and to sit in the audience and be taken on this journey. If you come in with an open mind, and watch all of these kids tell their story to this amazing music, then you're going to be affected by it.

    • Jenna: I feel like people are really being affected by this show, because anyone can find at least one character that they relate to and if they don't, they remember what it was like to be in high school, and to see those people so they can relate in that sense. I don't think that any of the characters are clichéd, like 'that's your typical so and so' because the characters all have so many different levels to them.

    • Jenna: I try not to talk too much during the daytime, staying in and laying low, because I do tend to talk too much when I'm out! I'm also big into yoga, because the core of singing is breathing, and you work on that through yoga. It's also great for stretching and relaxing your body, which helps day in and day out.

    • Jenna: In Los Angeles, we only did 4 or 5 shows a week, compared with the 8 here in New York. I don't want to speak for everyone, but I think for a lot of people in Los Angeles, theater is just something that's sort of a hobby because unless you're willing to travel to a lot of the outside, and regional theaters, you're not making any money. The problem with those theaters though, is that they don't have the capability to hire understudies so it's tough to commit to a show, when you know that you'll be auditioning for TV and films at the same time.

    • Jenna: I just love acting and performing, and I'll be the first to admit that I don't often have that initial spark or idea, so I need to work with the director, and with the composer. As soon as the idea is planted in my brain though, I run with it, but I love the process of working with the production team to explore avenues that I haven't thought of. A lot of the changes that have been made never would have occurred to me, but every time I get new script pages, I think 'wow, this is even better than what we had before!

    • Jenna: Mandy Gonzalez actually did the original demos for the show, and was supposed to do the reading but had a scheduling conflict so she had to back out. A friend of mine had gone to college with Jon (Hartmere) and Damon (Intrabartolo) and they mentioned what they were doing, and that they were looking for a girl and my friend threw my name out there. I went in and sang for them and here I still am! (talking about "Bare")

    • Jenna: Theater has its own set of risks too, because there isn't any stopping and starting either, so if you mess yourself up, you also need to find a way out of it. (about performing in theater)

    • Jenna: It's a hard choice picking what to do when opportunities come your way, and people are kidding themselves if they think that everything everyone does is just for the passion of doing it. As much as I love the stage, it'd be silly to not explore the roles that have come my way in television and in film. The biggest struggles for me with those two mediums are that with them, nothing is filmed in order, so you have to do a lot of preparation as to where your character is coming and going. Often you film the beginning of something, and then don't get to finish it until 2 weeks later, but it has to flow as if it was all one scene.

    • Jenna: My first real part though was the Diary of Anne Frank when I was about 14. I was so young, and completely wide-eyed that I was open to anything that anyone wanted to tell me, which helped me to learn so much doing that show.

    • Jenna: I think that I was probably 12 or so before anyone knew that I had any ability to sing so I definitely wasn't singing before I spoke. I never thought about doing anything though career-wise other than acting, so let's all knock on wood and hope that this works out!

    • Jenna: I'm a twin, and they say that when you are a twin that one person takes a much more dominant role, and the other one kind of stays in the background... I was always the one that kind of stayed in the background. My mother encouraged performing and theater because she thought that it was something that I'd be good at and that it could help to break me out of my shell.

    • Jenna: There's nothing else in the world like having the audience there, and getting the instant feedback if your joke lands, if you've performed a song well, or if you hit an emotional core with someone. (Broadwayworld's interview with Jenna)

    • Jenna: Phantom was the first really big show that I saw, and then Les Mis which was just incredible and to this day is one of my all time favorite shows. (talking about Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables)