Jenna Lewis

Jenna Lewis


7/16/1977, Franklin, New Hampshire, USA

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Jenna Lewis, born July 16, 1977, originally hails from Franklin, New Hampshire. She is the daughter of Jim Lewis, former mayor of Franklin. Since appearing on the inaugural season of Survivor, Jenna has made a number of television appearances, as well as appearing for charities and non-profit organizations.…more


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    • Jenna: For nearly six weeks on Pulau Tiga I put up with some of the most difficult
      challenges known. Now, the most difficult challenge I have is to relax and take it easy.

    • (about meeting Travis Wolfe)
      Jenna: I spotted (another) guy across the room and I turned to my girlfriend and said, 'Do you think he's cute?' And Travis looked up and said, 'Are you talking about me?' I said, 'No, but do you need your ego stroked?' Love at first sight. I knew right away.

    • (about her marriage to Travis Wolfe)
      Jenna: We wed at the Candlelight Chapel. Just us. No alcohol was involved. I don't know if it was the same chapel Britney went to. I'm hoping not.

    • Jenna: I don't know if I want my daughters to be running around the playground and have everyone say, 'Oh, your mom's in Playboy.' But then, I justify it by saying its not pornographic; its a display of beauty. I really don't think it's a bad magazine at all.

    • (about possibly posing for Playboy magazine)
      Jenna: It would have to be a lot of money because I'm going to get a huge amount of press on this. I'm going to get a lot of negativity. I'm a young mom.

  • Loved her in Borneo but not in All-Stars!

    I loved Jenna when she was in Borneo

    My heart breaked for her when she didn't get the tape of her twins

    Very, very, sad for her

    But in All-Stars, my mind changed about her

    As she gotten all cocky and full of herself

    And said some not nice things about Shi-Anne

    She thought that she was better than thou

    Still like her but not at much as I used too

    As my thoughts again changed about her!
  • Jenna really is something special!

    Hey I think Jenna is the most gorgeous person on the planet! She rocked in season one! I hope she becomes something the whole world will remeber. From becoming a movie star or has her own show or mabey she should create her own reality show, something that will rock this world. You rock Jenna Lewis!