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  • Loved her in Borneo but not in All-Stars!

    I loved Jenna when she was in Borneo
    My heart breaked for her when she didn't get the tape of her twins
    Very, very, sad for her
    But in All-Stars, my mind changed about her
    As she gotten all cocky and full of herself
    And said some not nice things about Shi-Anne
    She thought that she was better than thou
    Still like her but not at much as I used too
    As my thoughts again changed about her!
  • Jenna really is something special!

    Hey I think Jenna is the most gorgeous person on the planet! She rocked in season one! I hope she becomes something the whole world will remeber. From becoming a movie star or has her own show or mabey she should create her own reality show, something that will rock this world. You rock Jenna Lewis!