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    • Jenna: For nearly six weeks on Pulau Tiga I put up with some of the most difficult
      challenges known. Now, the most difficult challenge I have is to relax and take it easy.

    • (about meeting Travis Wolfe)
      Jenna: I spotted (another) guy across the room and I turned to my girlfriend and said, 'Do you think he's cute?' And Travis looked up and said, 'Are you talking about me?' I said, 'No, but do you need your ego stroked?' Love at first sight. I knew right away.

    • (about her marriage to Travis Wolfe)
      Jenna: We wed at the Candlelight Chapel. Just us. No alcohol was involved. I don't know if it was the same chapel Britney went to. I'm hoping not.

    • Jenna: I don't know if I want my daughters to be running around the playground and have everyone say, 'Oh, your mom's in Playboy.' But then, I justify it by saying its not pornographic; its a display of beauty. I really don't think it's a bad magazine at all.

    • (about possibly posing for Playboy magazine)
      Jenna: It would have to be a lot of money because I'm going to get a huge amount of press on this. I'm going to get a lot of negativity. I'm a young mom.