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  • The ultimate winner - but who would have seen it coming? Jenna was a young woman on a life-changing journey, and she came out of it a stronger and better person.

    Where do you even start with Jenna?! What an emotional, complicated journey this young woman's Survivor experience turned out to be!

    Jenna started out as the girl-you-loved-to-hate. She was every unpopular girl's worst nightmare: skinny, attractive, obnoxious, a sorority queen and, what's more, she flaunted it. Seeing Jenna in the beginning, clearly possessing no survival skills whatsoever, and clearly being as out-of-her-element as anybody can be, the thought that she would make it longer than a week was outrageous. And yet, she somehow braved her way through it to win the season as the youngest winner ever.

    Jenna was subject to a number of very fortunate circumstances early on. Although in an all-women's tribe, she was not alone and was able to easily bond with the other 'younger prettier' girls, which provided much more of a force to be reckoned with. She really provided no real threat, so there were always bigger fish to fry. Once the tribes switched, Jenna's appearance became more useful with the boys, and she became a useful pawn to the people in power.

    Jenna later began to prove herself as a competitor, demonstrating physical ability, and strategy. Yet, just as you were starting to respect her, she would turn into the brat again, bullying and picking on Christy, whining, crying and complaining and generally being immature.

    So where do you draw the line with Jenna? Was she a very fortunate brat, or a strong and strategic young woman? I think she was both. She was very young, (only my age at the moment) and she hadn't had a lot of life experience, so she was learning as she was going. You can see a young woman getting to know who she is through the season, and I really respect her achievements.

    She then had the courage to try it all again in All-Stars, only to have to make a heart-wrenching decision which she stuck by.

    I have really grown to like and respect Jenna, and for the way she has embraced what the series has given her. I also think her boyfriend, Ethan, is a total hottie!

    So a big thumbs up for Jenna - she proved us all wrong!