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Jenna von Oy

Jenna von Oy


5/2/1977, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

Jennifer Jean von Oy



Also Known As

Jenna Von Ory, Jenna Von Oy, Jenna von Oy
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Previously, von Oy portrayed Six LeMeure, Blossom's fast-talking, boy-crazy best friend, on the long-running it series "Blossom." Additionally, she was a series regular on CBS' "Lenny" and has guest starred in "Chicago Hope," "Martin," "Unhappily Ever After," and "7th Heaven." A talented voice-over artist, von Oy gives life…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jenna still has the purple floppy hat that she wore to her Blossom audition. It was one of the things that attracted the casting crew to her right away, and it helped her land the role.

    • Don Reo, who created the television series Blossom, vividly remembers watching Jenna's audition tape. He firmly believes that it is nearly impossible to get a job from just a tape, and that it is incredibly rare for an actor to show any kind of memorable emotion when they aren't auditioning in person. Reo was "mind-numbingly bored" with all the other actresses that he watched on video, but he blown away by Jenna's charm, and he even remembers the purple floppy hat she was wearing at the time. At that moment, Reo knew that he had found the girl to play Six LeMeure on the show, and he didn't look at anyone else for the role.

    • Jenna admits to being easily embarrassed.

    • Jenna hates airplanes.

    • Jenna has two dogs named Bruiser and Bailey.

    • Jenna was asked to appear on the Arsenio Hall Show two nights in a row because fellow actor Jason James Richter (Free Willy) was disappointed he couldn't met his crush. She is the only actor who was asked to appear two night in a row.

    • Jenna trained for three months to perform on the trapeze when she appeared on Circus of the Stars.

    • Jenna collects "Hello Kitty" merchandise. In the past, she has collected hats, caps, erasers, and dolls.

    • In September of 2007, Jenna released a country music album titled Breathing Room.

    • Jenna's character on Blossom, Six, wasn't originally a fast talker. Jenna brought that trait to the character and the show.

    • Some of Jenna's favorite things are the color blue, Sterling roses, Christmas, Autumn for a season, Baskin Robbins Peanut butter Chocolate, the movie Waiting for Guffman, John Cusack, Andre Braugher, Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Parker Posey, Julia Roberts, Sushi, coffee, basketball, and mangoes.

    • Jenna had the honor of writing all of the music that was heard during the Where Are They Now special on VH1.

    • Jenna went to Newtown High School in Newtown, Connecticut.

    • In 1993 and 1994, Jenna won two Young Artist Award for her role in Blossom.

    • Jenna was born just 18 days after Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar, during the same year.

    • Jenna started a foundation called The Shirt Off My Back. The idea is that Jenna and her friends in the business would take all their unworn, promotional t-shirts , autograph them and donate them to charity.

    • Jenna is of Dutch heritage. Her last name "von Oy" is German.

    • Jenna is fluent in French.

    • Jenna is 5'0".

  • Quotes

    • Jenna: (about her unusual character name on "Blossom") First of all, let me answer the question that I get asked all the time: Where did you get the name Six? Well, in the pilot episode, my character explained that her father joked because that's how many beers it took. The real reason is that the son of the man who created the show went to school with a girl named Seven, so they just deducted one and called me Six.

    • Jenna: (about "Blossom") I am so appreciative and grateful for that time in my life. People still come up to me and call me Six, and I never mind. But...I just hope people realize that I'm Jenna, not Six, and that I've done other things since that time.

    • Jenna: (about her debut album) It was crucial for me to have complete creative control. The album is wholeheartedly me. I'm 31, and at this point, I don't want someone to mold me into something. I'm very confident with who I am.

    • Jenna: I love comedy and the instant gratification of people "getting" a joke. I really hope they put Blossom out on DVD soon, because that was my childhood.

    • Jenna: (On her last name) My last name is German and both my grandparents immigrated from Germany. The name is actually composed of two parts..."von", denotes land ownership, and "Oy" refers to a region in the lower Rhine. The family name predates any national borders and the ancestoral estates are in present day Holland. In fact, ruins of a castle still exist there. In current Dutch, the "Oy" mimics the Dutch word for stork and our family crest does portray a stork.

    • Jenna: I was born with the name Jennifer. However, when I was 2 years old, my guardian angel (no joke!) came to me in a dream and told me her name was Jenna (I'd never heard the name before.) She said my name was supposed to be Jenna also. After that, I refused to answer to the name Jennifer anymore. No one has called me Jennifer since then. I legally changed my name a few years later (by then even my parents were convinced it was meant to be!) As for my middle name, it's Jean. Thus my full name is Jenna Jean von Oy.

    • Jenna: (talking about her favorite book) When I was little, any book from the Nancy Drew series and The Secret Garden. I am also addicted to a series of books by author Patricia Cornwell, which revolve around a female Chief medical examiner named Kay Scarpta. I love books about forensics and homicide cases.

    • Jenna: It's truly amazing what one finds out about one's self on the Internet. For instance- I had no idea I was a smoker, not to mention the fact that I supposedly smoke Salems... I guess people will spread rumors about anything and everything, huh?

  • was jenna von oy ever involved with ken L.? and who if anyone is she involved with now? where is she now? and is she still acting? does she have any children? i think she\'s pretty funny and should have kept it up. she\'s very talented. Thank You!moreless

    your website is very intresting, i hope in the future your able to answer any question\'s i may have on my favorite star\'s. most of the question\'s would be based on all the older show\'s and star\'s, i like to keep up with how they stay out of the limelight. Thank you!